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Our Story and Motive

Gleath is a team of experienced medical writers and doctors that operate under the watchful guidance of medical professionals. Our goal is to provide an in-depth inventory of resources, tools, and health information to the general population, and medical professionals.

Mission Statement

There’s too much information out there about medical conditions, equipment, aids, and treatment. Not all of it is reliable and not all of it is curated under the right counsel.

We aim to collect and present reliable and helpful information about the most common diseases and ailments in India and worldwide. We also provide information on topics such as positivity, mental well-being, diet, and wellness for the sake of your all-round health.


What We Offer and What We Don’t Offer

We do not, by any means, offer professional diagnosis, or provide medical treatment or guidance. Only your doctor can do that. We simply extend our help in terms of well-researched articles and other features regarding the most common, recurring, and the latest ailments and diseases. We strive to cover the basic symptoms and general treatment plans in concern with the said ailments and diseases.

Additionally, we may recommend doctors or hospitals or offer information about certain curative exercises, recommended lifestyle changes, medicines, and alternative medicines. We don’t encourage our readers to use this information as a means to self-diagnose or treat themselves. However, It may indeed help you make informed decisions in the context of their health and well-being, and of those around you.

We Want You To Be The Best Physical Version of Yourself

We believe the best way to approach heath is to do so holistically. This is why you will find more than just in-depth information about diseases and ailments.


So, keep an eye out for blog posts, quizzes, and videos about news pieces, case studies, tips, success stories, and featurettes about everyday individuals and celebrities who are battling their battles against bad health. We want to inspire you to keep a check on your mental, physical and emotional health.


We intend on coming through with this promise, by providing you with access to an inexhaustible source of stories and features that actually matter.

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