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10 Differences Between A Winner And A Loser

We live, compete, and want to win every moment of life. While life is not a race or a competition, to win all the time, there are situations and winners see possibilities in life where you are expected to win. It might be an examination or cracking an interview or winning a football match. While winners have true sets of attitudes, only a thin line decides whether you are a winner or a loser. Here are 10 differences between a winner and a loser.

10 Differences between a Winner and a Loser

1- Winners Are Updated

The world and technology are growing in leaps and bounds. Winners are ready to excel in their chosen field, willing to learn, and refresh their abilities day by day. A loser fails to learn, and remain stagnant in a particular place. Winners plan and prepare to win. The world is ready for those who are willing to learn, change, and grow daily.

2- Winners Take Responsibility

If in a meeting, a boss assigns a huge task and wants you to contribute to its completion, a winner sees the possibilities and tries to work hard. On the other hand, a loser sees it as a problem and fails to contribute and involve in the team.

The Winner is always a part of the solution; losers are part of the problem.

3- Winners Are Definite

Winners are focused

A man focusing, Credits: pixabay

Winners want to focus, think positive, and set goals to achieve them. They give a timeline that is realistic to achieve. A loser fails to plan and complains that things are unfavorable for him.

4- Winners Never Quit

Winners are passionate about what they do and never quit, even in tough situations. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Winners have a “Never give up” attitude.

A loser is afraid of failures and wants to quit in the middle and run away. At the end of the tunnel, there is light, and winners are ready to see it.

5- Winners See Possibilities

Winners see possibilities

Possibilities, Credits: pixabay

The Winner says,“It may be difficult but it is possible”. The Losers says, “It may be possible but it is too difficult.”

Winners want to explore the possibilities, and are ready to see problems as “opportunities and challenges”. They are ready to come out of their comfort zone, fight, get involved enthusiastically, and win. They resist all kinds of hurdles and hardships. Losers remain in their comfort zone and wait for the opportunity and success to knock on their doors.

6- Winners Learn From The Past

Winners accept failures and are ready to learn from their mistakes. They never repeat the same mistake. Winners say “I was wrong”. Losers never accept that they are wrong and say “It’s not my fault”.

7- Winners Don’t Procrastinate

Winners don’t procrastinate

Multi-tasking, Credits: pixabay

Winners always manage their time well and never want to postpone things. They plan in such a way that they have time for everything. They are ready to do multi-tasking, involve themselves in a team, and achieve the way it is planned.

Losers always complain that they don’t have time. They postpone things and end up doing nothing.

“A winner always plans and losers always have excuses”. “Winners make it happen; Losers let it happen”.

8- Winners Focus on the Bigger Picture

Winners have strong values and are ready to compromise on petty things. Losers fight for the petty things and ideas, and compromise on values, leaving major and important things behind.

9- Winners Argue, Losers Fight

Winners argue for the right things to be done and use soft words. Losers fight; use soft argument but hard words. Winners want to get things done, but losers want to fight and do not want to work for what they fight. “Winners want to see the gain, losers see the pain”.

10- Winners Never Compare

Winners compare how better they are compared to yesterday. But a loser compares himself with others, gets jealous and fails to improve his potential.

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