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11 Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcer: Quick And Easy Tips

A canker sore or mouth ulcer is a small sore that can be formed inside the mouth of any individual. Although small these ulcers cause much pain to people. Everyday activities like eating, talking, and even swallowing can become unbearable by their presence. Persons, who find themselves dealing with them often desperately wonder, how can I instantly get rid of a mouth ulcer? These sores are caused due to a number of factors like minor injuries on gum and lips, food allergies, presence of sodium lauryl sulphate in toothpaste, and excessive stress. Getting rid of them may take a while. You cannot wish it away. However, to gain relief, you can try home remedies for mouth ulcer.

Home remedies are the decisive answer to your query what removes mouth ulcers? They are safe and effective ways to help you lower the intensity of your pain and quicken the healing process.

The Best Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcer

So how to cure mouth ulcers fast naturally? There are several home remedies that require you to look into your kitchen and find the right ingredients. They are very easy to make and deliver great results.

1. Baking Soda Rinse

Home remedies for mouth ulcers

Home remedies for mouth ulcers, Credit: Canva

Mouth ulcer home remedies with baking soda help you to eliminate the bacteria in the sores that are in your mouth. You only need to prepare a mixture of a teaspoon of baking soda and warm water. Rinse your mouth with it and find your sores starting to heal.

2. Salt Water Rinse

Home remedies for mouth ulcers

Home remedies for mouth ulcers, Credit: Canva

Saltwater rinses are also one of the most effective home remedies for mouth ulcer. Saltwater acts as a disinfectant and when you rinse your mouth with it you quicken your healing process. Remember to keep the saltwater in your mouth for about a period of 30 seconds.

3. Eat More Fenugreek

Mouth ulcers home remedies

Fenugreek seeds, Credit: Canva

Fenugreek is widely used in natural dentistry. It contains various vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, calcium, zinc, iron, among others. By consuming it through your diet, you can heal your sores quickly. You can also make a mixture of fenugreek seeds in cold water and rinse your mouth with it.

4. Chew Some Basil

Mouth ulcers home remedies

Basil leaves, Credit: Canva

Basil leaves also figures in the list of mouth ulcer remedies. It boasts of antimicrobial properties that eliminate all the infections in the mouth. Make it a part of your diet and to get relief from sores, chew some leaves. It will keep all the bacteria in your mouth at bay.

5. Use Cayenne Pepper

Mouth ulcers home remedies

Cayenne pepper in spoon, Credit: Canva

Cayenne pepper contains the chemical capsaicin. This chemical inhibits the substance that promotes inflammation in the body. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria. For this home remedy, make a paste of cayenne pepper and water. Apply it on your sores for around three times per day. It will ease the pain and give you relief.

6. Eat Yogurt


Yogurt in bowl, Credit: Canva

No list of home remedies for mouth ulcers can be complete without the mention of probiotics. Yoghurt contains many bacteria that are great for your digestive health. It enhances your oral health and calms down the pain that you feel because of sores.

7. Take Some Apple Cider Vinegar

home remedies for mouth ulcers

Apple cider vinegar with apples, Credit: Canva

Another great addition to the list of home remedies for mouth ulcers has to be the mightly apple cider vinegar. People asking questions like what can I drink to get rid of mouth ulcers should try the apple cider vinegar mouthwash which can also be drunk! Just mix some ACV with water and after using it as a mouthwash swallow it. It will also impart you with great digestive health.

8. Consume Supplements with Zinc

Zinc for mouth ulcers

Zinc supplements, Credit: Canva

Are you someone who is frequently troubled by cancer sores? If so, you need to find out whether or not you are suffering from a zinc deficiency. After you begin supplementing your diet with zinc, you will notice that your mouth ulcers have healed to a significant extent.

9. Brew Some Chamomile Tea

home remedies for canker sores

Chamomile tea, Credit: Canva

Chamomile tea is a great relaxant and promotes good digestion. It has compounds that help to heal the sores quickly. You can drink the tea or place its tea bag on your sores to attain relief from the pain.

10. Apply Clove Oil

Clove oil

Clove oil bottle, Credit: Canva

Clove oil contains an ingredient called eugenol. This ingredient helps patients manage their pain. You can apply this oil on your sores or rinse your mouth with it. It is also one of the most useful home remedies for mouth ulcer.

11. Use a Sage Rinse

remedies for canker sores

Sage herb, Credit: Canva

Having anti-microbial and antioxidant properties, sage helps to enhance your oral health and also makes your immune system strong. When your immunity levels are high your sores will automatically start healing. Home remedies for mouth ulcer using sage can be made by mixing two teaspoons of this herb with some water. Keep it in your mouth for about 60 seconds and spit the water out.

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