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17 Tests You Shouldn’t Miss In Your Annual Health Checkup

Health checkup or a master health checkup is a yearly examination of your entire body in order to make valid conclusions about your existing health status. It is one of the most efficient ways to detect any signs or symptoms that may foretell the presence of abnormality inside your system. Preventive health check-up enables you to find out your fitness and your health vulnerabilities. Although many people are under the assumption that a full body health checkup is only for the elderly or middle-aged population, it is not the right way of thinking. Many children are also at risk of developing chronic illnesses and early detection followed by treatment can help them remain at the peak of their health. Let us explore an annual health checkup and the various tests that make it up.

What Is General Health Checkup?

general health checkup

Doctor examining a patient, Credit: Canva

People generally make a visit to their doctors only when they are suffering from a particular condition. When they start experiencing the symptoms or when the symptoms get worse, only then they contact their doctors. But those who go to their doctors for a general health checkup on a yearly basis, chances are that they are not experiencing any condition. They fo it to ascertain their overall health status and find out if they are at risk for a particular illness. It can also be done if you want to know about your medication follow-ups. Many breastfeeding women also go in for general health checkups after they have given birth. Hence, the reasons for different people are different.

How Often Should You Get a Full Body Checkup?

health checkup India

Doctor checking a patient, Credit: Canva

It has been observed that people who fall below the age group of 40 years are relatively free from any health concerns. They need not go in for annual checkups. People in the age group of 18-40 years can avail a health checkup in an interval of five years. But middle-aged people and those who are in the age group of 60 and above should make it a point to go for an annual medical checkup. It is important for them to find out about their health and take necessary actions if they find themselves to be suffering from chronic diseases.

On the other hand, those who fall in the age group of 40 and below can avail the checkup to help themselves live a healthy lifestyle and find out more about the status of their health.

How Many Tests Are in a Full Body Checkup?

health checkup tests

doctor with a stethoscope, Credit: Canva

If you have not availed a full body checkup before, you may wonder what is included in full body checkup? There are many tests that are included in it, all of which are performed by an expert physician. After the tests, you are also counselled by the doctor on the various aspects of your health. The following tests are commonly included in a full body health checkup.

  1. Urine and blood tests

  2. Lipid Profile Test

  3. Cardiovascular system test which includes a chest x-ray, Echo Cardiography, and ECG.

  4. Vitamin checkup

  5. Abdominal checkup

  6. Tests of the thyroid

  7. Kidney function test

  8. Liver function tests

  9. Tests of the pulmonary lung function

  10. Diabetes tests

  11. CT Calcium Scoring

  12. Hepatitis B tests

  13. Full body fat percentage

  14. Eye test

  15. Screening of the neck vessels

  16. Pap Smear test

  17. CT Coronary angiography

Keep in mind that a full body health checkup is the only way to find out about your internal health condition and determine the meaning behind the symptoms you may be experiencing. Health disorders worldwide have increased and the only way to manage them is to detect them before they progress into a full-blown health complication. You might be experiencing mild symptoms and overlook the need for determining the cause behind it. Over time, these symptoms can progress into a chronic health condition which you could have prevented if you had visited your doctor for an annual health checkup.

What Is Full Body Checkup Price?


health insurance papers, Credit: Canva

As mentioned above, these checkups are a way to stay in a good health for your entire life. If you have not undergone a checkup you might naturally wonder about its cost. Full body checkups have moderate costs. As they are to be conducted once in a year the cost may not matter so much. In the capital city of Delhi, the average price of this checkup is around Rs. 8464. In many hospitals, you can be charged anywhere from Rs. 1299 to Rs. 36000. The price may also vary according to the kind of hospital you choose so keep this factor in mind when you are thinking of undergoing a yearly health checkup.

Do not underestimate the significance of a yearly health checkup. They are the only way by which you can take your health in your own hands. Prevention is always better than a cure.

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