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6 Things Expecting Moms Learn in a Childbirth Class

Labour and childbirth are two such experiences in a woman’s life that she can never forget. Every woman desires a safe and healthy pregnancy with minimal complications. Often, the process of childbirth seems both exhilarating as well as daunting. Specially for those expecting for the first time, the process is usually fraught with mysteries and a never ending list of do’s and don’ts.

In such a scenario, it’s natural for an expectant mother to feel anxious and stressed. Fortunately, there are many pregnancy classes or childbirth classes that aim to relieve soon-to-be moms with such worries. You can gain a wealth of knowledge from these classes regarding various aspects of pregnancy, emotional and physical fitness, pain relief, as well as post pregnancy baby care.

6 Things Childbirth Education Classes Can Teach Expecting Women

Many expecting couples attend prenatal classes to gain a better understanding of the process of childbirth. It also serves as a great outlet for them to vent their fears and boost their confidence. Here is how birthing classes can prepare you for labor and birth.

  1. Dealing with the pain

  2. Various positions during labor

  3. Relaxation techniques

  4. Navigating through various labor stages

  5. How to care for your baby

  6. Information regarding medical interventions

1. Dealing with the Pain

Woman feeling pain

Caption: Woman feeling pain, Credit: Pixabay

The fear of pain looms large in the mind of pregnant women. Prenatal classes prepare  women for the process of childbirth. They gain emotional support from others and learn from each other’s experiences. A strength in their ability to give birth is also emphasized by the educators. Besides, women get information about medications that can be used to decrease the intensity of pain and natural ways by which labor pain can be kept at bay.

2. Various Positions During Labour

Women get a lot of valuable information about the correct positioning during labour that can speed up the process of their delivery. The difference between various labor positions is explained and you are advised on when a particular position can be used. Benefits of different positions like walking, rocking, squatting, kneeling, etc. is  also explained for you to better understand their importance.

3. Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation is something that an expecting woman needs the most. It not only helps in the smooth delivery of the baby, but also calms her mind. Birthing classes suggest different techniques of relaxation that can prove very helpful in distracting a woman from the pain that is commonly experienced. Various techniques for mindfulness and muscle relaxation are also explained which can reduce your discomfort during contractions and enable you to enjoy the birth experience.

4. Navigating through Various Labor Stages


Caption: woman during labour, Credit: Pixabay

Navigating efficiently through the stages of labor is a must for a healthy delivery experience. Childbirth education classes help you identify the first signs of labor starting from contractions and give you complete knowledge on how to deal with each stage. You become better equipped with the right techniques that would help you deliver a healthy baby.

5. How to Care for Your Baby

Caring for a newborn baby is not easy. A new mother often finds it difficult to cope with the various needs of her baby as the development of a baby is rapid in the initial months. Prenatal classes give you complete information about the right care of your baby week as well as month-wise.

6. Information Regarding Medical Interventions


Caption: Doctor with patient, Credit: Pixabay

Complete knowledge about medical procedures like C-section, induction, etc. is given for you to make an informed choice. You will find out the reasons behind these medical interventions and if they leave any side-effects for you to cope with.

Hence, a childbirth class can prove very valuable to expecting moms, especially those struggling to cope up with all the misinformation and myths that surround the process of childbirth. It’s time to let go of all your worries and confidently embrace this experience.

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