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8 Protein-Rich Fruits To Add In Your Next Fruit Salad

Protein is the building block of our body! It is an essential nutrient that helps build our muscles, bones, hair and even blood. Our body requires at least 50 gm of protein every day to form new cells and repair the old ones. However, not many are aware of protein-rich fruits, and here we discuss fruits that are rich in protein.

Fruits that are rich in protein include:

  1. Blackberry

  2. Mango

  3. Jamun

  4. Guava

  5. Palm fruit

  6. Bael fruit

  7. Malta fruit

  8. Egg fruit 

The protein content for each fruit is mentioned as below:


Black berry fruit

Blackberry fruit, Credits: pixabay

Per 100 g of blackberries contains around 1.4 g of protein. Berries are among the healthiest fruits on the planet. They are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, minerals and various other essential vitamins. Blackberry fruits can be eaten raw in your fruit salad, made as a shake or ice cream. The exotic taste of blackberry fruit can give your taste buds a surprise. While promoting your health.



Mango, Credits: pixabay

Mango is the “king of all fruits” and is considered as the “National fruit of India”. Mangoes are not only sumptuous, pulpy and amazing to eat, but are also loaded with a host of health benefits! A half-cup of sliced mangoes contains around 0.4 gms of proteins. It  helps aid in digestion by promoting digestive enzymes secretion. It is suitable for the heart and eyes and also aids in weight loss.

Jamun fruit

Jamun fruit

Jamun Fruit, Credits: pixabay

100 gm of Jamun fruit contains around 1.00 gm of protein. Jamun the blue pigment-containing compound that stains your tongue blue when you eat is loaded with numerous health benefits.

Jamun fruit and seeds are considered to have potent anti-diabetic properties. The other medicinal uses of this plant include anti-diarrheal, anti-ulcer, anti-allergy property.

Guava fruit


Guava, Credits: pixabay

One small size fruit of guava contains around 1 gm of protein. Guavas can be found during the rainy season and winter season. The sweet-sour and raw taste of guavas are one of the most delicious fruits to eat, which also serves you with health benefits. The health benefits of guava are due to its antioxidants and Vitamin C content. It’s also a good alternative for the usually more expensive apples.

Palm fruit

Palmyra or palm fruit

Palmyra or palm fruit, Credits: pixabay

Palm fruit or palmyra fruit, also known as sugar palm fruits grow in clusters on tall palm trees. A 100 gm of raw sugar palm fruit contains about 1 gm of protein.  The fruit is rich in water content, fibres, and minerals. It is suitable for skin and skin ailments. This fruit also has anti-inflammatory properties and works as an excellent remedy for prickly heat.

Bael fruit

Bael fruit and juice

Bael fruit and juice, Credits: pixabay

Bael fruit also is known as wood apple has an immense religious significance in Hindu religion. This fruit is a power punch of various nutrients and possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, laxative properties. A 100 gms of the bael fruit pulp contains around two gms of protein making it one of the wealthiest fruit with higher protein content. Make a glass full of bael fruit sherbet and drink it to get its benefits.

Malta fruit

Malta fruuit

Malta fruit, Credits: pixabay

Malta fruits are found to be widely grown in the northern regions of India. This fruit with orange-like taste is used to make a variety of squash, sweets and other products. The fruit has shown several healing properties and is a fruit of high medicinal value. 100 gms of this juicy malta fruit contains around 1 – 1.4 gms of protein.

Egg fruit

Egg fruit

Egg fruit, Credits: pixabay

Pouteria campechiana or canistel is also known as egg fruit is native to Mexico and Brazil region. The pulp per 100 g edible portion contains around  2.3-3 g of protein. The taste of this fruit is something like pumpkin but more creamy and rich.

So, if you are diet conscious and looking for more protein to eat in your diet. Try putting some of these fruits in your fruit salad.

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