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9 Amazing Benefits Of Curd And How To Include It In Your Diet Daily

Curd or dahi as it is commonly called in the Indian subcontinent is widely considered as a healthy food item by many people. Curd benefits not just your digestive system, but also other parts of your body like your skin and hair. That is why it is a common practice among Indian women to mix curd with other natural ingredients like besan and honey and apply it onto their faces for a glowing skin.

This food item has been consumed in India since ancient times. Be it any meal of your day,  dahi is one of those foods that is a part of all these meals equally. People eat it in the form of raita or yogurt with onions and cucumber. By mixing it with sugar or honey, it becomes a sweet dish or dessert that many people relish after their meals. Another form of curd is lassi. It is an age old cold drink that is widely consumed during summers in India. Nowadays there are various flavours and varieties of lassi that are becoming popular in the market.

What  Are the Benefits of Eating Curd?

curd benefits

pot of curd, Credit: Canva

There are numerous curd benefits and it is rightly known as the healthiest food in India. It benefits the body in every season. Packed with protein, calcium, vitamin E, zinc, vitamin D, and phosphorus, it is one of the health boosters that you cannot miss.

Some of the major curd benefits include

  1. One of the principal advantages of eating curd is an enhanced digestion process. Curd enables the good bacteria in your digestive system to stay in balance. Whenever you are suffering from issues like acidity and stomach cramps and even diarrhea try to include curd in your diet.

  2. Those who are hoping to shed some weight may be tempted to ask, Is it good to eat curd everyday? Curd can be eaten everyday in any of the meals. Being high in protein, curd keeps you satiated for long hours. Hence, you do not have to worry about overeating if you are consuming curd as part of your meals.

  3. Healthy bones and teeth are the cornerstone of good health. Curd benefits your bones and teeth immensely. It is a good source of calcium and vitamin D. These vitamins and minerals are crucial for attaining healthy teeth and bones.

  4. Studies have shown that curd eliminates the accumulation of cholesterol in a person’s artery. Thus, you can prevent yourself from developing various heart-related conditions by eating curd regularly.

  5. Dahi, apart from being abundant in protein is also a great source of carbohydrates. You will not experience energy crashes in between meals after consuming it. Neither will you experience cravings for unhealthy food.

  6. Another one of curd benefits include its ability to help in the absorption of other critical vitamins and minerals in your body. It helps your body to extract the nutrients from the food items in a better manner.

  7. Stress and anxiety is common in people these days. Dahi has a cooling effect on your body and it works to calm your brain. Thus, it acts as an instant mood-lifter. It also helps you to deal better with various situations in your environment.

  8. Is curd good for skin? It definitely is. This works as an exfoliator and removes all the dead cells of the skin from its surface. It also is an Anti-Aging agent, that works to fight off blemishes from your skin. You do not have to rely on expensive treatment to get that smooth and glowing skin.

  9. Apart from skin, curd benefits your hair too. It acts as a conditioner, but only natural. It helps to soften rough and dry hair. Not only this, nutrients like vitamin B5 and protein work effectively to help you get rid of any dandruff in your scalp. You can mix dahi in various hair packs and benefit from soft and healthy hair.

How much curd should be eaten daily?

curd nutrition

Girl eating curd, Credit: Canva

You can eat around 3 servings of unsweetened dahi or curd everyday. If you are looking to enhance your health, ensure that the dahi is plain and fat free. You will attain all the curd benefits by eating a fat free version. It can be eaten as your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even as a snack. Pour some dahi in a bowl and have it beside your meals.

After going through all the curd benefits, you must have made up your mind to include this healthy and tasty item in your diet. Make sure to consume the recommended serving every day and notice the effect it has on your physique and health.

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