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9 Beauty Tips You Will Thank Us for Later

Ever heard the phrase “beauty is pain”? Well, that may not necessarily be true.

Here are some effortless beauty tips and tricks that are easy to carry out but are highly effective, with amazing and significant results.

1.  Cold Compress Spoons for Under Eye Bags

How to: When you wake up every morning, before you brush your teeth, pop in two tablespoons into your freezer.

Once you have finished your usual morning and skin cleansing routine, remove the spoons from the freezer and place the hollow part of the spoon on both your eyelids.

Apply a bit of pressure and hold for a few minutes (10-15 minutes).

What it does: The coldness of the spoon will constrict the blood vessels and the pressure will lymphatic vessels to drain out the excessive fluid. As a result, the puffiness will disappear. This will help reduce under-eye bags and significantly reduce any harsh dark circles.

This trick instantly works like a charm.


Spoon, Credit: Pxhere

2.  Aspirin/Dispirin for Acne

Salicylic acid is very effective for treating acne and is a very popular component that is used in acne spot treatment.

It penetrates into the skin, dissolves the dead skin cells and thus prevents the pores from clogging.

In fact, some spot treatment creams cost as much as Rs. 4000-5000. Ironically, what most people may not realize is that salicylic acid is present in many over-the-counter drugs that you could find in your home. One of them being aspirin or dispirin which is commonly used to treat headaches.

How to use: Take a tablet and dissolve it in a few drops of water until it is a paste. After that, apply it to your acne like a regular spot treatment.

This is usually done overnight.


Aloe-vera, Credit: Wikimedia commons

3.  Aloe Vera Gel Mask: How to Remove Pimple Marks

How to:

  1. Take 1-2 tablespoon of aloe vera pulp

  2. 1 tablespoon of honey

  3. Few drops of lemon juice

  4. Mix it all together in a bowl

What it does: Aloe vera, honey, and lemon have shown promising results in depigmentation and skin lightening. Hence, it will help reduce acne scars. Most importantly, aloe vera helps I’m tissues re-engineering and thus promotes healing of acne scars by increasing collagen production.

Lastly, it also has anti-inflammatory properties and will help make the skin appear less harsh.

Bonus: Aloe Vera gel, when incorporated with neem oil will also help get rid of white spots on the face.

Onion juice

Onion-juice, Credit: pikrepo

4.  Onion juice- Hair Growth Oil

How to:

  1. Peel and chop the onions.

  2. Extract the juice using a juicer, manually squeeze it out, or by using a blender.

  3. Applying the juice mainly on the scalp.

What it does: Onion juice or onion oil is very good for hair growth. It contains antioxidants. antimicrobial properties, sulfur, and other rich nutrients that will add to the volume, shine, and hair strength.

Egg White

Egg White, Credit: Pikrepo

5.  Egg white mask – How to Remove Blackheads from Nose

How to:

  1. Break an egg and remove the egg yolk.

  2. Beat the egg white in a bowl until it’s frothy.

  3. Then apply the egg white on the areas with blackheads by using a face mask brush as the applicator.

  4. Place a strip of blotting paper or tissue paper on top of the layer before it dries up.

  5. After 30 minutes, peel off the paper upwards.

What it does: The egg white will brighten your skin and make it more firm. As you peel off the tissue paper from your face, the blackheads too will be removed along with it.

6.  Curd for Hair

How to: Apply 1 cup of curd directly to your scalp. Leave it on for 30 minutes.

What it does: The lactic acid present in the curd helps in shedding the dead cells from the scalp and thus will help get rid or prevent dandruff. In addition to that, it will also soften and strengthen the cuticle.

Orange Juice

Orange Juice, Credit: Wallpaper flare

7.  Orange Juice: Vitamin E for hair

How to: Apply 1 cup of natural and fresh orange juice to your hair.

What it does: Orange juice is a good source of vitamin E. It reduces dandruff and oily scalp, serves as a deep cleanser to the scalp, increases shine, and will reduce hair fall.

Coffee and coconut

Coffee and coconut, Credit: Pikist

8.  Coffee and coconut oil: Best Exfoliator

How to: To a bowl, add one teaspoon to instant coffee powder and a little lesser amount of coconut oil. Mix well until it forms a paste.

Apply the paste on your face with your fingertips and use it as a face scrub.

How it works: This will remove all the dead layers of your skin by exfoliation while still nourishing your face with coconut oil. Once your face is washed, the skin will look fresher, cleaner, and brighter. Moreover, coffee alone has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and it will help reduce redness, sunspots, and flat lines on your skin.


Facewash, Credit: Publication Domain picture

9.  Bonus: No Water with Facewash

Although this may sound ridiculous at first, this tip is actually life-changing.

When most people wash their face, they are not really scrubbing the face. I’m every area of their face, especially the chin and corner forehead areas. As a result, the dead skin and oils are not effectively removed and clogs the pores leading to acne formation.

How to fix the problem?

Simply take your face wash and apply it on your face without wetting it or adding water. This may be extremely sticky or dry but it will ensure that the soap has been distributed to every part of the face.

After 60 seconds, wet your wash and start wetting your face in a circular motion. Since the facewash is so sticky, you will be forced to rub every area of your face in order to make it soapy or foamy enough to wash away.

Thus you will never neglect any area or corners on your face again. This tip of deep cleansing is truly life-changing!

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