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9 Things to Add To Your Medicine Box In The Covid Pandemic 

Covid-19 is a respiratory disease caused by one of the viruses from the corona family. The symptom spectrum ranges from mild symptoms such as a common cold to severe ones like pneumonia and shortness of breath. The best way to be prevent Covid-19 is to be well informed and prepared.

It is important to maintain a Medical Box fully equipped to deal with small respiratory symptoms and mild fever. Moreover, this is a droplet infection and having disinfectants to ensure contact objects are virus-free is crucial.

With or without lockdown, during such a pandemic, it is advisable to self-isolate and refrain from the outdoors as much as possible.

This is why it is important to have medical essentials in your home if you ever were to fall ill during self-insolation. This may help reduce the chances of transmission during medical store visits especially when you or your family member could be potential positive patients.

Moreover, it could also help avoid unnecessary visits to your local doctor for something that could be cured by OTC drugs and relief measures.

First Things First!

Medical aids are essential but hydration is known to be the body’s first line of defence. Staying hydrated that the body functions efficiently. It will boost your immune system as it helps oxygenate cells, enabling them to work at full capacity. Moreover, hydration regulates body temperature and maintains homeostasis which could prevent fevers.

Keep in mind these essentials cannot cure you from the virus once you have it but it is necessary to maintain good health and a strong immune system to reduce the chances of acquiring it. And on that note…

Here Are 9 Things To Add To Your Medical Box During the Covid Pandemic:

1)    Electrolyte Powder (electral):

We just discussed the importance of hydration. Electrolyte solution is a great way of boosting your water intake to ensure that your body is well hydrated.

Another way to increase water intake is to keep a handy Water Filter Pitcher in sight as a constant reminder. You’d be surprised to know the percentage of people who get dehydrated simply because they forget to drink water.

2)    Face Masks

Although corona virus does not spread through the air easily, face masks must be worn to prevent transmission. Precaution is necessary, in case you are a carrier or unaware due to lack of symptoms during the incubation phase. So, in other words, face masks will protect the people around you.

 blue face mask

Caption: A woman wearing a protective face mask

Credits: Pixabay

3)    Disinfectant Sprays and Sanitizers

Since this is a droplet infection, disinfectant sprays and sanitizers will ensure that your hands and the surfaces you touch are germ-free. Use a multiple surface spray and could be sprayed on just about anything.

bottle of disinfectant

Credits: Pexels

Caption: Person holding a bottle of disinfectant

4)    Paper Soap

Soap is another essential. Their molecular structure is able to dissolve lipid layers which are coincidentally also present on the outer surface of the virus and thereby physically inactivates it. Paper soaps are a great alternative to soap for when you need to step out.

hand wash

Credits: Pexels

Caption: A man washing his hands with soap

5)    Thermometer

During such a pandemic, you must monitor your body temperature and check for fever the moment you feel unwell. After all, it’s one of the first prevalent symptom after the incubation period.


Credits: Pexels

Caption: A thermometer lying in pills

6)    Fever Reducers

In case you get a fever during the pandemic, an OTC fever reducer like ibuprofen must be administered to lower the temperature and reduce pain such as body aches.

medical pills

Caption: Pills and thermometer lying on a table

Credits: Pixabay

7)    Anti-diarrheal

Diamode (loperamide) and Imodium (pro-loperamidel) are best anti-diarrhea medicine to provide the quickest relief when administered correctly. It’s worth the trip you save to the doctor!

Man with stomach cramps

Caption: A man uncomfortably holding his stomach

Credits: Pixabay

8)    Cough drops and cough syrups

Cough drops are a quick, easy and effective relief against harsh dry cough. They also prevent the strain on your tonsils which could lead to fever.

Man with stomach cramps

Caption: Cough syrup being poured in a spoon

Credits: Pixabay

9)    First Aid Kit:

Scattered medicine

Caption: Medicines scattered on a table

Credits: Pixabay

This last one is a no brainer but worth mentioning. An emergency kit could treat mild and serious injuries. It may be simple but extremely effective and could even save a life during an emergency during unforeseen accidents in your home.

Fever, common cold, diarrhoea etc are symptoms of a corona positive patient. However, they are also common sicknesses and if they can be cured with OTC drugs, it is not worth risking a visit to the clinic.

However, if your body does not show signs of improvement or if the drugs fail to work like they normally do, you must get tested for Novel Corona virus.

These products do not guarantee that you will not contract the virus, but they can go a long way in preventing it and keeping you indoors when it’s most important.

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