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A Detailed Analysis On Average Male Height In India

Tall and handsome, this is what Indian women seem to desire in their male counterparts.

The taller, the better is the norm in India and when it comes to men, height has one of the major influences on their appearance. According to the National Institute of Nutrition, Indian Council of Medical Research, the average male height in India is 165 cm.

A great height is not something that every single person can attain. It is mainly a product of good genes along with nutrition. You cannot control your genes and so you cannot manipulate with your height in any way. What makes a tall man more preferable than a short or a man with medium height. It is because sice a very long time, it was believed that the taller a man, the greater are his fortunes. A good height is the reflection of health and vitality. This belief, passed through generations and even today if you ask people what is a good height for an Indian male, they will not hesitate to say anything 5’8 to 6 feet. So, what is the consensus on average indian male height in India? Read the remaining part of the  article to find out about it.

Is 5’7 a Good Height for a Man in India?

Average indian male height

A man looking across, Credit: Canva

In other countries apart from India, a height of 5’7 is regarded as tall. In Canada and USA, most men fall between the heights of 5’5 to 5’7. Men who fall in this category are considered as pretty tall. Many people do not know how tall is 5’7 and so when they become really aware of it, they find themselves truly surprised.

As mentioned before, a good height is a result of good nutrition and genetics. Genetics influences around 60 to 80 percent of a man’s height while nutrition accounts for 20 to 40 percent. However, over the years, a trend is being seen in the heights of both males and females. Between 1914-2014, a 3 cm increase in height has been observed in Indian males. According to a research by All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, an 18 year old man belonging to an upper-middle class household in 2011 is around 4.5 cm tallers than an 18 year old in the year 1992.

As regards to average male height In india, people living in Kerela are especially blessed with good height. Here, the average  male height goes beyond 5’7. Women are also found to be taller in this part of the country. The great heights here is basically linked with a better standard of living.

What’s a Good Height for a Guy?

Average height of a male

A man with his hands on knees, Credit: Canva

The average male height in India is a subject of much research. Not only in India, in other countries also various studies have been undertaken to determine the preferences of people regarding height. Women generally prefer men who are not below 5’6 or 5’5. At the same time, a man whose height is beyond 6 feet is considered too tall. Overall, its basically a result of preferences which widely vary at different places.

The average male height in India that is considered good falls between 5’7 to 5’10. It resembles the outcome of the research on height done in the UK where 5’10 is reported to be the ideal height of males. While for women the ideal height rests anywhere between 5’4 to 5’7.

While considering the outcome of researches and surveys, it is important to remember that they are based on averages. They do not reflect exactly how tall different people want themselves or their partners to be. There are huge variations in the likes and preferences of people. If one person likes a 5’7 height, that does not mean that there are many others around him who like the same height.

Average Male Height In India – What’s the Verdict?

Height of indian male

A man standing, Credit: Canva

Note that a majority of people belonging to south Asian countries are around 5’5. There are some exceptions in communities of Nepalis, Punjabis, Pathans, and south Indians. Here the men are usually 5’7. The telgus and malyalis fall in the 5’7 mark. In India, this is the region where the tallest men are found. In the other parts of India, men usually fall below the 5’7 mark, especially in the mountainous areas like Uttranchal, men are way shorter than 5’7.

However, height should not be considered as the sole factor influencing the appearance of a person. Men, like women have no control over their genetics. They cannot change what they are born with. Environmental factors like nutrition can only do so much. What is considered ideal by one person may not be considered so by another, especially in India which is characterized by its astounding diversity.

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