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Amla, Amla Products And How To Use Them

India is known for its tradition, culture and healthy foods. There are innumerable health benefits of amla hidden in our foods. One such superfood that is highly used in Ayurvedic medicine is Amla.

What is Amla?


Amla-Indian Gooseberry, Credits: pixabay

Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) is also called Indian Gooseberry and is said to be the widely consumed Indian berry. This tree grows in India, the middle East, and some South Asian countries.

Amla has a very unique taste that is a mix of tangy, bitter, sweet, pungent, and is the right ingredient for several health tonics. According to Ayurveda, Amla can help balance the three doshas (Kapha/vista/pitta) in the body and can help eliminate the underlying cause of many diseases. It is not only an immunity booster but can do wonders to your skin, hair, and body.

Gooseberries are low in calories and contain high amounts of fiber, vitamins like B5, B6, and C, and copper, manganese, and potassium. They are also rich in anti-oxidants.

How To Use Amla in My Diet?

Amla can be consumed as a raw fruit. If you do not wish to eat it raw, you can consume it in the form of powder, juice, pickle, chutney, jams and spreads and as a candy.

Amla Powder

Amla powder

Amla Powder for cold and flu, Credits: pexels

Amla powder can be prepared at home. Wash amla and grate, keep it in sunlight for two days, once completely dried, you can powder it. You can also mix amla powder with basil leaves, honey and ginger.

Amla Juice

Amla juice

Amla Juice for hair growth, Credits: pexels

  1. Amla juice can be consumed as a first thing in the morning. You can dilute it with water; add honey and lemon juice to increase the efficiency. You can also add a pinch of salt and pepper to amla juice.

  2. Amla juice consumed with bitter gourd and blackberry can help treat diabetes.

  3. Amla juice in combination with aloe vera helps to treat cholesterol levels and maintain hair growth.

  4. You can also add 1 teaspoon of jaggery powder to 1 glass amla juice. This combination helps you provide the iron you require.

Benefits of Amla

The following are the health benefits of amla.

  1. Brain Health

  2. Protect against cold and flu

  3. Weight management

  4. Pain relief

  5. Blood purifier

  6. Vision

  7. Hair growth

  8. Skin growth

  9. Reduce cholesterol

  10. Heartburn

Brain Health


Amla contains polyphenol and anti-oxidants and consumption of amla and its extracts is shown to protect against free radicals and help improve brain health.

Protect Against Cold and Flu


Amla contains high amounts of vitamin C and consumption of amla powder helps you in protecting against cold, cough and seasonal ailments. Two teaspoons of amla juice with equal amounts of honey can treat cold and cough.

Weight Management


Amla juice can help improve the digestion and build a strong metabolism. Also consumption of amla juice before meals can help in absorption of nutrients and acts a natural laxative. If you aim of weight reduction, you can consider taking this berry.

Pain Relief


This Indian berry is packed with anti-inflammatory properties and helps in healing ulcers, muscle and joint pain. A combination of amla juice, honey and turmeric act as a pain reliever.

Blood Purifier


Amla juice helps in improving the levels of hemoglobin and act as a blood purifier.



Amla contains carotene that helps improve eye sight. The regular consumption of amla is shown to reduce eye pressure and cataract, improve overall eye health, and prevent reddening, itching and watery of eyes.

Hair Growth


The extracts of amla helps in strengthening hair follicles, prevent hair fall and dandruff, and provide a shiny texture to your hair. It is shown to strengthen the hair from the root and prevents premature greying naturally.

Skin Growth

Benefits of Amla

Amla Juice for skin, Credits: pexels

The extracts of amla can improve your skin colour and texture and can slow down the ageing process. It helps in treating acne and acts as a natural cleanser for your skin.

Reduce Cholesterol

Benefits of Amla

Amla Juice for cholesterol, Credits: Pxfuel

Consumption of the extracts of Indian gooseberry has been shown to reduce the levels of low density lipoprotein and triglycerides. It also helps lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels.


Benefits of Amla

Amla Juice for cholesterol, Credits: Pexels

Consumption of Indian gooseberry fruit extract is shown to reduce heartburn.

Take Home message

Consumption of amla products help treat cold and flu, cholesterol and promotes skin and hair growth.

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