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Barley Water Benefits & How To Make Barley Water

If you add barley in water and cook it then you can get what is known as barley water. You can even strain out the grains of barley or have it as it is. Honey or any other sweetener can be added to barley water if you don’t like its taste. Many multiple benefits of barley water exist.

If you don’t strain the barley water then it might add up to the calories you intake, so beware of not taking it in excess amount. It is advised to strain it or add it in your tea if you want to loose weight. It has multiple health benefits like cleanses your system, regulates digestion etc. listed below are some benefits of this amazing drink.  You can drink it up in the morning itself as it is the best time.

Uses of barley water

barley water uses

Glass with barley water

cleanses the body

If you consume barley water frequently then it will get rid of the toxic substances from your body.

The intestines are cleansed and healthy.

can be a good remedy for urinary tract infections

drinking barley water on a regular basis will keep your kidney’s happy. It will prevent kidney disease like kidney stones, cysts.

It regulates digestion

barley water will help you if you are suffering from constipation. Drinking this will also maintain a good electrolyte balance.  It particularly has a high regard for itself in Ayurveda and its benefits are known since ancient times.

helps to loose weight

barley water is rich in fibre and helps to loose weight. It regulates digestion in our body.

It will help you decrease your appetite and keeps you full for long time. This also regulates our metabolism.

regulates cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the body

barley water helps in regulating bad cholesterol and can help in reducing blood sugar levels. Thus, it protects the heart and protects against inflammation also.

Barley Water recipe

It is a very simple drink to prepare. You can add sweeteners to improve is taste.  But ensure that it is not undercooked and should be cooked to the fullest to reap maximum benefits.

It is a simple recipe that can be prepared in your home itself.

  1. Take one quarter cup of barley

  2. Around four cups of water

  3. You can add a sweetener of your choice

Method to prepare barley water

barley water recipe

Two glass of barley water

  1. add water in a pan and let it heat and add barley to it

  2. And you may add salt to it and let it boil on medium for half and hour.

  3. you can pass it through the strain and let it cool. You can even put it in a fridge and let it sit there for some time.

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