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Coconut, Banana and Lemon: All About These 3 Weight Loss Foods

Weight loss is a difficult process for most people. It requires motivation, discipline and a lot of self-control. People who are trying to lose weight welcome all the help they can get from any source. Today we will look into coconut, banana and lemon for weight loss.


Credits: Pexels Caption: Coconuts can be consumed in many forms.

Eating coconut can help in weight loss because of the following properties:

●Low Carbohydrate Content: Weight loss diets often focus on reducing carbohydrate intake. They require replacing your food with substances that have fewer carbs. Coconuts can be consumed daily as a weight-loss food. They are also a part of the ketogenic diet that is followed by various individuals.

●Controlling Cravings: Cravings often have a bad effect on the overall diet that an individual follows. Coconuts contain medium-chain triglyceride fat and sugar. Medium-chain triglyceride fats help in feeling satisfied after eating. The sugar content provides energy. A combination of these two components helps in reducing the number of meals that are needed during a day.

●Metabolism: Coconuts help in boosting metabolism. Coconuts contain medium-chain fatty acids which metabolise faster as compared to other fatty acids. This increase in metabolism allows you to work out more and burn more calories.

●Coconut Oil for Weight Loss: Many experts suggest that using coconut oil can help with weight loss. It is particularly effective against belly fat. Long term use of coconut oil can help in reducing belly fat. It is a good alternative for other types of oils which can increase belly fat.

●Food Variety: Coconuts can be consumed in various forms and all of these forms have a weight loss action. They can be consumed while they still contain water, in the tender and ripe forms as well. This provides different types of eating options.


Bananas are rich in fibre, Vitamin C, potassium, good carbohydrates and minerals. Bananas can be used as a weight-loss food. This is how bananas help in weight loss:

Credits: Pexels Caption: 1 banana a day can help in reducing weight.

●Good Carbohydrates: Bananas contain resistant starch which is considered a good carbohydrate. These carbohydrates help in weight maintenance and weight loss. Consumption of good carbohydrates is necessary for maintaining a balanced diet.

●Fibre Content: A high fibre content helps in better digestion as well as in reducing the number of meals that you consume.

●Workout Recovery: Bananas contain many nutrients which can help in recovering after a workout. This quick recovery allows you to increase your overall workout.

The consumption of bananas is only helpful for weight loss if the consumption is limited. You should only consume one banana or one banana-based drink if you want to lose weight.

If you take your banana in the form of a shake or a smoothie then drink them without sugar.

Credits: Pexels Caption: Eating a banana after working out can help with the recovery.


There are many studies which favor lemon as a weightloss agent. Lemon is most commonly consumed in the form of lemon water. It is also consumed with tea and various other products. Here is how lemons can help with weight loss:

Credits: Pexels Caption: Lemon water is the most common way of consuming lemon.

●Better Digestion: Lemon contains acids which can help improve digestion. These acids slow down the process of digestion. The slowing down allows for better absorption of the nutrients that are required by the body. Incomplete digestion is one of the reasons for weight gain and lemon helps in tackling that problem.

●Boost of Energy: It can give a boost of energy to the body. It should be consumed first thing in the morning or after a workout. If lemons are taken in the form of lemon water, then it also provides rehydration which increases the amount of energy.

●Increased Metabolism and Calorie Burning: Studies suggest that consuming hot lemon water increases the metabolism rate and also helps in burning more calories. Lemon is very low in calories and can be consumed multiple times.

●Reduction in Food Intake: Lemon water helps in achieving a feeling of satiety. This allows for reducing the amount of food we eat and the number of times we eat. Having a glass of lemon water can help you battle the craving for eating constantly.

●Detoxification: Consumption of lemon helps in the removal of toxic substances from the body. This removal can help you improve your overall health. Improved overall health allows you to increase workout capacity and prevent illnesses.

The best ways to consume lemons for weight loss are in the form of lemon water and lemon juice mixed with green tea.


Coconuts, bananas and lemons are all helpful as weight loss foods. This does not mean that only consuming these will cause you to lose weight. These are complementary practices that have to be clubbed with other changes you need to make to lose weight.

It is also important to understand that their consumption has to be done the right way. Overeating these things in the hopes of losing weight can be harmful.

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