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Coronavirus Update for August

India continues to fight against the battle of coronavirus update. Despite multiple lockdowns and various preventive measures initiated by healthcare workers, the number of cases is increasing drastically. Today (28th August 2020) is the 158th day since the country initiated a nationwide lockdown. The new record is there were 77,266 new cases in the last 24 hours which is surprisingly shocking.

India ranks third worldwide next to the USA and Brazil in the total number of cases. Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh have the highest number of cases. But the good news is there is a recovery rate of 76.28%, according to the health ministry. People continue to face this unprecedented situation, hoping for the situation to get better sooner.

Coronavirus Update- Indian ScenarioTotal number of confirmed casesTotal DeathTotal recoveredActive cases3392851618022584712746337

 State Wise Coronavirus Update of COVID-19 in IndiaName of the StateTotal number of casesIndiansForeignersRecoveredDeathActive CasesAndaman and Nicobar Island30183018237442602Andhra Pradesh393090393090295248363394209Arunachal Pradesh363336332621051007Assam98807988077930727819222Bihar12885012885010917566219013Chandigarh356435641977431544Chhattisgarh25988259881460724511136Dadra Nagar & Haveli105510558681186Daman and Diu1182118210261155Goa15483154821118671713455Gujarat9132991328173501296414864Haryana592985928414486906469962Himachal Pradesh550155014008331460Jammu and Kashmir3513535135267216717743Jharkhand34676346762311937711180Karnataka309792309792219554552184987Kerala667616675384376126722733Ladakh24922492164027825Lakshadweep0Madhya Pradesh5818158178344453130612422Maharashtra733568733565353156323444178561Manipur572557253957251743Meghalaya2129212989981222Mizoram100310035000503Nagaland37843784273591040NCT of Delhi1676041676031150027436913208Odisha9466689466686532355628789Puducherry130241302480801994745Punjab478364783630972125615608Rajasthan7657276570260830101214730Sikkim1542154211513388Tamil Nadu40324240323210343930694852364Telangana117415117405108767579928941Tripura10436104366839893508Uttar Pradesh2084192084181152893321752309Utharkand17277172761117752285274West Bengal150772150772121046301726709

Source:, accessed on 28.08.2020. Data as of 10.45 p.m. on Thursday, August 27

Covid-19 Vaccine Update

COVID Vaccine, Credits: pixabay

The million-dollar question that everyone has is “When there will be a COVID-19 vaccine in India?” While vaccine development involves several stringent steps and hardcore laboratory procedures for isolation of the novel strain, development and expansion of the vaccine is another huge step. India continues to put efforts for development of the COVID 19 vaccine.

India’s first indigenous COVID-19 vaccine called COVAXIN (inactivated virus vaccine) is developed by Bharath Biotech in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi.

Zydus Cadila is developing ZyCoV-D (DNA, recombinant measles virus) vaccine against Covid-19.

The results from phase I and II clinical trials show great promise and both the vaccines can elicit immune responses.  It is expected that India will have an “approved vaccine” within the first quarter of 2021 and Serum Institute of India is expected to produce the vaccine on a large scale.

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