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Does Hair Loss Have Psychological Effects?

Hair loss is a common condition that affects people of all ages. It can be due to genetics, an underlying health condition, or some treatment or medication. Although not a life-threatening condition, hair loss or complete loss of hair can have an adverse psychological impact on the person experiencing it.

When persons having a full head of hair face hair loss, they start to equate it with losing their attractiveness, youth, and vitality. The emotional distress that comes with hair loss is often invisible and not addressed by many. But it should not be so. Here we’ll talk about some of the emotional challenges that hair loss sufferers face.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Causes Hair Loss

Caption: Hair loss in a person, Credits: Pixabay

Hair loss occurs in most people due to some predetermined genetic factors. The normal aging process may also play a part in weakened hair and hair loss. Other factors like emotional trauma, a low protein diet, and hormonal changes also lead to damaged and thinning hair.

Causes of hair loss in teenaged males include excessive use of heat and hair styling treatments, medication for acne, unhealthy eating habits, stress, and crash dieting. Teenagers can benefit from a nutritious and wholesome diet with all the necessary vitamins for hair loss prevention.

Teenage males and men in general, often link their thinning hair with masturbation. They want to know does masturbation cause hair loss? Contrary to what they think, masturbation is in no way linked to weight loss. The root factor for hair loss in these young people lies in their unhealthy lifestyle and overuse of hair styling tools.

Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

Caption: Woman suffering from anxiety, Credits: Pixabay

Thinning, damaged, and brittle hair can make people sad and anxious. Commonly experienced psychological effects include:

  1. Loss of confidence in oneself.

  2. Depression and anxiety

  3. Social phobia

Loss of Confidence in Oneself

Hair loss alters the way people see themselves. It makes them lose confidence in their appearance and develop body image issues. It is especially true for women. It can affect the personal lives and relationships of people and can negatively affect their perceptions about themselves. Low self-esteem is a prominent psychological effect of hair loss.

Depression and Anxiety

Many hair loss sufferers find it very difficult to deal with this situation. The stress of continually loosing hair makes them highly anxious, and they spiral into depression. It also leads to other conditions like body dysmorphic disorders in them.

Social Phobia

Hair loss leads to stress and anxiety due to the difficulties faced by people suffering from it every day. People suffering from thinning hair feel like other people in their daily lives judge them. It is because they are themselves not satisfied with their appearance. It can lead to increased levels of stress, fear, and anxiety, affecting their relationships with friends and family.

How to Deal with the Psychological Effects of Hair Loss.

How to Deal with the Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

Caption: A confident man, Credits: Pixabay

You can cope with the emotional downside of hair loss in the following ways:

  1. Try to change your mindset. Hair loss is not life-threatening, and you can live a fulfilling life without letting this aspect of your appearance hamper it.

  2. Consult hair experts and professionals to find a hairstyle or an accessory like a wig, hat, or scarf to cover your thinning hair.

  3. If you’re suffering from severe emotional distress, a psychologist may help you cope with it.

  4. Modern treatments, like hair transplant, are proving to be a source of hope for many hair loss sufferers. You can look at a hair transplant video and find out if this treatment suits you.

It is natural to feel depressed and deprived in the absence of healthy and abundant hair. Working on your mindset is the first route that you should take while dealing with it. Other treatments like minoxidil and hair transplant can be availed. However, hair transplant cost may not fit everyone’s budget. In such cases, you can look for other less pricey options.

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