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Frequent Heartburns? Here are 6 Things that May be Causing Them

Heartburn is a digestive disorder in which some contents of the stomach are forced back into the oesophagus. The acidic content from the stomach rises and causes a burning sensation in the chest. In some cases, the burning sensation can be felt in the throat as well.

The stomach contains specialized cells which protect it from the acid present in it. However, these same cells are not present in the oesophagus which causes the discomfort.

Symptoms of Heartburns

The following symptoms are observed:

●Burning sensation and pain in the chest and throat ●Acidic taste in the mouth ●Pain increases on lying down

The similarity in symptoms with a heart attack often gets the two mixed up.

Things Which Can Cause Heartburns

1. Food and Beverages

The major cause of heartburn is the wrong food intake. There are many food items which have a greater chance of causing.

●Tomatoes ●Chocolate ●Citrus fruits like orange and grapes ●coffee ●Peppermint ●Black pepper ●Raw onion ●Spicy food ●Carbonated beverages ●Alcohol Changes in food habits can help in reducing the frequency of heartburn. Identify the foods which cause you heartburn and avoid consuming them.

2. Exercise

There are studies which suggest that some exercises can cause heartburn. If the pressure on the abdomen is increased then it can trigger heartburn. Weightlifting is a common exercise which can cause heartburn. If you are constantly suffering from heartburn then you should consider changing your workout regimen and observe it if it continues.

A person weightlifting.

Credits: Pexels Caption: Weightlifting can cause heartaches.

3. Obesity

Obesity is a condition in which the individual is overweight. In some cases of obesity, the presence of excessive belly fats builds pressure on the abdomen. This belly fat can cause hiatal hernia and result in acid reflux which causes heartburn.

Studies show that obese individuals have a much higher frequency of heartburns than those who are of ideal weight. Obesity causes several health problems and you should work on it

An onsese individual sitting on a couch.

Credits: Pixabay Caption: Obsese individuals suffer from heartaches regularly.

4. Medications

Medications interact with almost all bodily functions. There are some medications which can cause heartburn. If you are on regular medication or have started a new medication and are suffering from heartburn then you should inform the prescribing doctor. Some medications which can trigger heartburn are:

●Ibuprofen ●Aspirin ●Anti-hypertensive drugs ●Anti-inflammatory drugs ●Anti-parkinson’s drugs

Different types of tablets.

Credits: Pixabay Caption: Various medications can cause heartburn.

5. Overeating

The quantity of food matters as much as what is being eaten. Even if you are eating healthy food items, overeating can still cause heartburn.

The stomach gets distended when it contains excessive quantities of food. There is a muscle between the oesophagus and the stomach called lower esophageal sphincter. When the stomach is distended this muscle does not close properly allowing stomach acid to reach the oesophagus. An increase in the duration of the distended stomach increases the chances of heartburn. Avoid overeating as well as eating too fast.

6. Pregnancy

Pregnant women suffer from various digestive issues. During pregnancy, the increase in hormone levels can affect the muscles present in the stomach. This can lead to a reduction in the functioning of the muscles which results in digestive problems including heartburn. In pregnancy, it is often accompanied by nausea.

When to See The Doctor?

Heartburns are common conditions but frequent heartburn is a cause of concern. You should see a doctor if you are having heartburns twice a week or if you have any of the following symptoms

●Breathing difficulty ●Pain while swallowing ●Sweating ●Lightheadedness ●Feeling dizzy ●Bloody stool ●Dark coloured stool These symptoms are a sign of an underlying digestive disorder.


Frequent heartburns require attention. You can help yourself by changing by making lifestyle changes which focus on your diet and maintaining an ideal weight. Giving up smoking and alcohol consumption can also help with heartburn. If the pain gets worse or the frequency increases then you should seek medical help.

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