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Google Doodle: Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

In a few months time, it will be almost a year since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic. The virus shows no signs of abating anytime soon, continues to mutate, and spread at an unprecedented rate among the vast sections of the Indian population everyday.

As the coronavirus case load continues to touch new grim milestones every week, every one of us sitting at our home can’t even imagine what the frontline warriors, that is, the hospital staff must be going through. They are helping people to battle the pandemic and putting their lives at risk everyday. Many of them have even sacrificed their lives in this process.

Spending a moment to reflect and feel grateful for these people is something that many people have forgotten to do nowadays. However, Google with its thank you coronavirus helpers google doodle has directed our focus to the tremendous work being done by doctors, nurses, security men, drivers, and cleaners everyday.

Google Honors Frontline Workers with Thank You Coronavirus Helpers Doodle

thank you coronavirus helpers google doodle

healthcare workers in hospital, Credit: Pixabay

Google has announced that it is launching a doodle series to appreciate the ongoing work by the frontline workers. It is also aimed to spread awareness regarding the virus and make people understand how important it is that they do not forget to take precautions everyday.

As of now, coronavirus has taken the lives of more than 90,000 people in the country. It continues to impact the elderly population and those with existing health conditions more severely than others. Although its vaccine is underway, the chances of it being available for the general population do seem visible this year.

In the absence of a vaccine, the only way by which we all can stay healthy is by following the advice of doctors like wearing a mask, washing hands, and adhering to social distancing norms.

How the Google Doodle Displays the Appreciation for Frontline Warriors

thank you coronavirus helpers doodle

healthcare workers in hospital, Credit: Pixabay

Google displays its gratitude for all the healthcare staff in a unique way through its doodle. It’s another aim is also to spread awareness regarding the necessity of following the precautions and social distancing norms.

In the two ‘o’ in Google feature helpers who are making it possible to achieve essential services in these trying times. We all know how the strict lockdown has made it extremely hard for us to avail all the services on which we are heavily dependent. You can see caricatures of a police officer, fireperson, doctors and nurses, lawyers, bureaucrats, cleaners, and public transport personnel. They are all being thanked with a big heart that is present at the centre of this doodle.

Google doodle in its note says “As covid 19 continues to impact communities around the world, people are coming together to help one another now more than ever”. Through this effort, it reminds us to always remain grateful for our health and help others in need.

Have you seen this Google doodle? What are your thoughts on Google’s effort to honour the frontline staff that is in such a critical situation during these times?

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