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How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath: 11 Quick Remedies, Bad Breath Causes

A major part of the world’s population find themselves afflicted with bad breath. In medical terms, it is called halitosis or a foul odour that comes from a person’s mouth. Although not a serious condition, no one would like to move around with people who have foul breath. How to get rid of bad breath is a question that is not only on the minds of those who suffer from this condition but also those who have to regularly stay in contact with people who emanate a bad breath.

More than viewing bad breath as something which is socially unacceptable, people need to pinpoint the underlying reason behind bad smell from mouth. There are various reasons behind the foul odour that seems to be circulating in your mouth. They can stretch from cavities to gum disease, inflammatory conditions or even malnutrition and diabetes. Various kinds of ulcers and infections in your digestive system can also impart your breath a foul odour. Let us find out how to get rid of bad breath. After reading the article you will also be able to prevent yourself from becoming that person whose breath causes others to stop their breathing in your presence.

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath – Causes

bad breath causes

bad teeth, Credit: Canva

If you are someone who wants their breath to become fresh and not full of odour, then you must be always wondering, why does my breath smell so bad? Some very common causes of such bad smelling breath are:

  1. Dental diseases, for example, a decaying tooth, or a gum disease. In these diseases bacteria starts to multiply in the affected area. These bacteria emanate sulfurious smell. As the disease progresses, you will find that the odour from your mouth becomes worse. Consult a dentist if you think that you are suffering from an oral disease.

  2. When you have a dry mouth characterised by a reduced flow of saliva, then also you become prone to bad breath. Dry mouth can occur due to salivary glands problems, medications, and excessive use of tobacco.

  3. Gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, lung infections, and kidney diseases also cause bad breath. There are many medications that leave an unpleasant odour in your mouth.

  4. One of the answers to the question, how to get rid of bad breath is practicing good oral hygiene. Improper oral hygiene makes way for bacteria to accumulate in your mouth which causes bad odour.

  5. There are various food items and beverages that have odour causing compounds in them. They will directly make your mouth smell bad.

How to Remove Bad Breath?

how to get rid of bad breath

people brushing teeth, Credit: Canva

How can I permanently get rid of bad breath? This question contains a variety of answers. First of all you need to find out the cause. Read the causes mentioned above and figure out what is it that is spreading a foul odour in your mouth. Only after that can you find out how to get rid of bad breath.

There are many home remedies for bad breath that you can follow. But before that a visit to the dentist may be necessary. Your dentist will be able to find out if you’re shuddering from any gum disease or other oral health issues. Here are some effective ways which will help you to freshen up your breath that is a source of constant embarrassment for you.

  1. Many people wear dentures. If you are one of them and are plagued by a bad breath, it is time you remove them and clean them thoroughly to eliminate any buildup of bacteria. It is essential that you clean them after eating and drinking.

  2. How do you get rid of bad breath naturally? Just start brushing your teeth two times in a day. You will instantly notice a great improvement in your breath.

  3. Make it a point to substitute your toothbrush with a new one at an interval of three months.

  4. When you brush in the morning, take a spoon and scrape the surface of your tongue. It will eliminate the bacterial buildup on the surface.

  5. Take some fennel seeds and cloves and slowly chew them. Their antiseptic properties will kill all the foul odour causing bacteria in your mouth.

  6. Pineapple juice is the answer for those wondering, what can I drink to get rid of bad breath? It contains loads of vitamin C and will instantly freshen up your breath.

  7. How to get rid of bad breath using herbs? Just start chewing a mixture of parsley, mint, and basil. These green plants will help fight the foul odour.

  8. A natural mouth freshener can be made using a piece of orange or lemon rind. It contains citric acid that stimulates the production of saliva from the glands.

  9. One of the easiest answers to the question, how to get rid of bad breath is drinking more Water freshens your breath, and fights the odour that emanates from your mouth when you wake up.

  10. Make a mouthwash rinse by mixing some water with a teaspoon of baking soda. Put some drops of peppermint oil. Use it to rinse your mouth.

  11. Eat fruits like apples. They contain pectin which neutralises all the foul odour that circulates in your mouth.

When Should You Seek Professional Help?

bad breath treatment

Dentist with a patient, Credit: Canva

By now you must have gained clarity with regards to an answer to the question, how to get rid of bad breath? You can utilize any measure that is mentioned above to freshen up your breath. Bad breath is usually not a cause of much worry. If, however, you feel that you are not achieving a fresh breath even after maintaining proper oral hygiene, then it is time to visit your dentist.

If you experience the following alongside a bad breath, then you need to communicate it to your doctor.

  1. A constant dry mouth

  2. Presence of numerous sores in your mouth

  3. Difficulty while chewing food items

  4. You may also find it painful to swallow the food

  5. Pain in the teeth. Presence of broken teeth should also be reported to the doctor.

  6. Presence of numerous white spots in your tonsils

  7. A constant feeling of exhaustion.

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