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How to Keep Your Brain Healthy and Young – Easy Tips and Tricks

It is rightly said that you start dying not when your physical body starts to deteriorate, but when your brain starts to do the same. Healthy brain functioning and consequently, good mental health is imperative for one to enjoy life no matter how hard the circumstances get. Today we see many people falling in the clutches of mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and various other emotional disorders. No one can rule out the role that social media plays in impacting the mind of youngsters and adults alike, often in a negative manner rather than positive. Keeping your brain alert and active is the key to navigating through the challenges of life effortlessly. Here’s how to keep your brain healthy and active so that you enjoy every moment of life.

Improve Your Brain Health Easily

Let’s face it. As your age progresses, you start experiencing brain-related problems like memory and cognitive decline. They severely impact the quality of your life. However, there are many people who have been able to preserve impeccable brain function even in their nineties! How are they able to do so? Well, they know the secret of how to keep their brain young and agile. But they are not the only ones. By reading this article, you can also know the exact ways on how to keep your brain healthy and young.

1.   Indulge in Healthy Brain Exercises

exercises for brain health

sudoku puzzle, Credit: Canva

Challenges are what keeps your brain alert at all times. Playing games that involve you to exercise your brain like sudoku, crossword and other similar ones will increase your brain’s memory capacity. Problems that make you engage in math and reasoning are also a great choice. You should spend around 15 to 20 minutes daily in solving such puzzles and riddles. It will help you to feel active for the rest of the day too.

2.   Learn a New Language

How to keep brain healthy

Woman smiling, Credit: Canva

Can learning a new language be the answer to the question of how to keep your brain healthy lifelong? Yes, it certainly can be. Learning another language is a complex yet exciting process which challenges numerous areas of your brain. You get accustomed to a whole new set of rules, grammatical structure, and literature. It forces those parts of your brain to work that in ordinary circumstances are not much used. Improve your focus, reduce your risk of memory loss, and get new insights by learning a new language.

3.   Foods That Improve Brain Function

foods to improve brain health

healthy fats, Credit: Canva

Diet plays a huge role in improving brain functioning of an individual. Particularly, healthy fats like those found in olive oil, nut butter, nuts, and seeds are what you need to include in your diet. Healthy fats are essential to help you get rid of any mood swings. They also help in minimizing the development of chronic diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Eat a well-balanced diet and ensure that you are getting an adequate amount of proteins and fats. Foods that improve memory and concentration are green leafy vegetables, walnuts, almonds, citrus fruits like strawberries and goji berries.

4.   Engage in Physical Exercises

exercise for the brain health

Woman exercising, Credit: Canva

How to keep your brain healthy through exercise? You might have heard about the innumerable benefits of exercise for preserving your physical health. But did you know that exercising is equally important for your mental health as well? Even indulging in an activity like dance forces your brain to follow a sequence of unpredictable actions. It is a great way to challenge your mind and enhance its longevity.

5.   Sleep More

Sleep for improving brain health

Woman sleeping, Credit: Canva

Attaining a good quality of sleep for seven to nine hours every day is essential to enhanced brain health. It can help you to increase your learning, improve memory, attention, and focus. Those who sleep soundly feel more positive than those who have just woken up from a night of fragmented sleep. You will not experience unwanted mood swings and energy crashes once you have a proper schedule in place.

6.   Reduce Your Stress Levels

Brain health tips

A man feeling stressed, Credit: Canva

We are living in an age where we get stressed by our own thoughts. It is common for people to overthink about a particular situation and raise their stress levels. High levels of cortisol hinder not only your physical health but also your memory and thinking ability. It ages your brain and slows down its plasticity processes. Plasticity is the process by which your brain adapts itself to new situations. If you are mentally fit and alert, you can adapt yourself to novel situations efficiently than if you are not.

7.   Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness for brain health

Woman meditating, Credit: Canva

It is rightly said that a wandering mind is an unhappy mind. Why is it so? It is because a mind that keeps wandering is always engaged in thoughts that are more geared towards reminding them about their limitations and failures. Mindfulness is a practice that enables a person to live in the present moment. It reduces stress and enhances attention and focus. Mindfulness also helps in reversing negative mood patterns and making the person more optimistic and ready to embrace life.

By now you must have attained a comprehensive understanding of how to keep your brain healthy. It does not matter what your age is. You can start making these changes into your lifestyle and start noticing its effects on your mental health instantly. It’s time to say goodbye to all stress, negative thinking, and mindless worries. It is never too late to enjoy improved brain health no matter at which stage of your life you are.

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