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How to Treat Friction Burn on Penis

Friction burns occur on the penis due to several reasons. One of them is rubbing hard or with a lot of force during sexual intercourse or while masturbating. This can lead to two surfaces rubbing against each other. It can lead to skin getting scrapped off. It could lead to redness, pain, or the feeling of being in an uncomfortable situation.

Sexually transmitted disease also result in such similar symptoms, so you may wonder what is the cause for it. Below you can read about how to differentiate between the two and prevent it in the future.


causes of friction burn on penis

person experiencing friction burn

When two surfaces rub against one another it leads to friction between them. Lot of road traffic accidents can lead to such a condition. Although, some other causes of such a friction burn on the penis include:

  1. Doing masturbation vigorously

  2. Engaging in intense sexual intercourse

  3. wearing tight-fitting clothing that rubs against the penis during exercise

  4. drying the penis vigorously with a coarse towel

  5. If people do not use lubrication, friction burns from masturbation and sexual intercourse are more likely to occur.

How to diagnose it?

friction burn

men in underwear

A friction often makes the skin of your penis red, inflamed, and painful on touching. You can differentiate it from balanitis, in which only the tip of the penis is inflamed. Vigorous rubbing can also lead to balanitis.

Other symptoms of balanitis include:

  1. A tight foreskin

  2. discharge

  3. itching

STI’s can also result in pain and rednesss:

  1. chlamydia

  2. genital herpes

  3. gonorrhea

  4. syphilis

  5. trichomoniasis

Below are the signs of STI that will help you differentiate from friction burn:

  1. you will have a very watery discharge from your penis

  2. there is a painful burning sensation on urination or ejaculation

  3. painful inflamed testicles

  4. itching

  5. irritation inside your penis

  6. sores on your penis, rectum, or mouth

Symptoms of friction burn?

  1. Penis skin is red and inflamed

  2. Similar to a heat burn

  3. Area is tender

How to cure a friction burn?

friction burn cure

person feeling pain in penis

If it’s a minor burn, then it will heal on its own in a week’s time. The precautions you should take are:

  1. always wear good quality underwear

  2. prevent that area from being very dry

  3. Keep the skin moist at all times

  4. If pus is oozing out from the burn, this can be a sign of severe infection so see your doctor right away.

Allow your friction burn on penis to get healed completely, then only engage in sex and masturbation. This would avoid your symptoms to get worse. It is hard to differentiate friction burn on penis and other parts of the body. You should know how an STI would look like and differentiate it from other conditions.

Are friction burns always the result of sexual activity?


person feeling pain in penis

When our skin rubs against a hard substance like floor etc., frictional burn can take place. Usually, when people meet with an accident or fall off a vehicle, the penis comes in contact with a rough and hard road. This could lead to a friction burn on the penis.

Balanitis occurs in cases like:

  1. Increased wetness in the genital area

  2. Germs get collected under your foreskin

  3. You don’t keep the area clean

  4. And, You have high sugar which makes you more prone for infections

  5. You dry the area too hard

How to avoid friction burn and other irritation?


friction burn

Have gentle sexual intercourse or masturbation. Take it easy when it comes to intensity. Use lot of lubrication on condom before having sex. Keep yourself protected from STI. Make sure you have your protection on during sexual intercourse. It should not break or leak while having sex.

Here are a few other tips to help prevent penis irritation:

  1. While showering always clean your penis well and keep the whole area very clean.

  2. Wash with soap and warm water regularly

  3. Pat dry the penis with a towel, don’t rub the towel to hard on it

  4. Keep your sugar levels under control. Consult your doctor regularly

  5. Keep tab if you develop any serious issues

  6. Don good quality, smooth clothes and underwear

  7. Use good quality moisturizer

  8. Stay away from hard and rough objects

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