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Is there a link between sugary drinks and cancer?

Sugary drinks or soda have been a part of our live since our childhood. Some have it in moderation while some are addicted to it. Though they taste good, they are high in calories too. No nutrients are provided by these sugary drinks. Excessive consumption can make us gain weight and cause obesity overtime. New studies say they have a link with cancer. A can of sugary soda has around 150 calories and if you drink this everyday you may gain five pounds within a year span. Besides weight gain, they can cause other medical conditions also like diabetes and other chronic diseases.

What are sugar-sweetened drinks?

harmful effects of soft drinks on human body

sugary drinks

Sugar filled drinks include:

  1. Aeriated coca cola

  2. Sports drink

  3. Energy drinks

  4. Milkshakes

  5. Flavoured water with sugar and aerated

  6. Tea and coffee with sugar

  7. Sugar syrups

How sweet is the coke or soda your drink?

how much sugar in coke

coke tins

There are around 5 grams of sugar per teaspoon. You should always watch the sugar you add to your drinks. Soda cans are filled with sugar and should be avoided.

Harmful effects of soda on our body

Soda is an aerated drink and is filled with sugars and have many side effects on the human body.

  1. Increased risk to cancer like breast cancer, prostrate cancer etc.

  2. Soda drinks contain caffeine which prevents a good sleep

  3. May damage liver

  4. May cause corrosion in teeth

  5. Obesity

  6. Cardiac problems

Is There a Link Between Sugary Drinks and Cancer?

sugary drinks and cancer

doctor and patient

A recent research reported that sugary drinks might increase the risk of cancer. The study said that consuming sugary cans two times in a week increased the cancer risk by eighteen percent. This study showed that the individuals who consumed more sugary drinks were more prone to cancer.

A link between cancer and sugary drinks has been established.

Tips to Tame the Sugar Cravings

harmful effects


  1. Choose healthier and nutritious drinking options.

  2. Keep an eye on your weight. Increased weight can lead to many medical problems.

  3. Take advice from your doctor or healthcare professional for tips on how to reduce it and what lifestyle changes you should make to avoid health problems.

  4. Keep a tab on your health if you have a family history of caner or any other debilitating diseases.

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