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Top Beginner Gym Workouts for Women – the Web’s Best List

The gym plays an integral part in achieving the health and fitness goals of both men and women. However, the media often showcases it as the territory of male bodybuilders. As a result, women are conditioned to believe that it is something reserved for men only. It is also reflected in the way women are always depicted as relegating themselves to cardio exercises, that utilises minimal equipment while men are out pumping iron.

All this has the combined effect of making women hesitant when it comes to entering a gym and lagging behind in achieving their fitness ambitions. But not anymore. This beginner gym workout female routine will help you shed that anxiousness and in the process, build the body of your dreams.

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Gym Workout Plan for Women

woman gym workout

Woman holding a weight, Credit: Pixabay

A good workout plan at the gym for women starting out on their fitness journey consists of both cardio and strength training. This is essentially what enables them to effectively burn fat and build muscle at the same time. Women should not hesitate from lifting weights. Strength training will enhance their bone density that steadily decreases with age. Follow this beginner gym workout routine female to steadily build your way to achieving a strong and aesthetic physique.

Full Body Strength Training Routine for Monday, Wednesday and Friday

woman strength-training

Woman holding barbell, Credit: Pixabay

Muscle-building exercises should be done in a circuit form meaning one after the other on every alternate day starting from Monday. It should include exercises like:

  1. Squats

  2. Chest press

  3. Shoulder press

  4. Lunges

  5. Back rows

  6. Bicycle crunches

  7. Planks

  8. Leg press

  9. Leg extension

The above mentioned exercises should be repeated on every alternate day barring Saturday and Sunday.

Cardio Workout Plan

woman cardio workout

Woman on exercise bike, Credit: Pixabay

Cardio, in combination with strength training is great for speeding up your fat loss process. It is maintaining optimal cardiovascular health. Follow this cardio routine on the days you’re not lifting weights at the gym.

Cardio workout for Tuesday

Spend five minutes warming up your body at a moderate pace in a stationary bike. Next, cycle at a faster pace for two minutes. After it, increase your pace further and cycle at a challenging pace. Continue to cycle for two minutes at a regular pace and two minutes at a challenging pace. If you want to raise the intensity of your workout, increase the resistance when you are cycling at your fastest pace. This workout should take about 25 minutes after which you can spend five minutes in cooling down and stretching.

Cardio workout for Thursday

Start by warming up on the treadmill at a moderate pace for three minutes. Now increase the incline to two percent and walk at a faster pace for two minutes. After two minutes, go back to your moderate pace and walk for around two minutes. After it, raise the incline to four percent and walk or run at an increased pace. Now bring back the incline to two and walk at that pace for two minutes. Continue to increase the incline by two percent for two minutes and then walk at a moderate pace for two minutes after it. The whole workout should take around 25 minutes. End your workout by doing a five minute cool down.

All the strength exercises should be performed under the guidance of the gym trainer. Start by doing bodyweight movements and when you feel your body has adjusted quite well to the motions of the exercise, start adding weights like dumbbell and barbell. Use only the amount of weight by which you can perform the exercise properly for around 8-10 repetitions. Do not exert yourself more than what your body, rather, build your way up to it.

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