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Top Vitamins for Pregnancy You Need to Take: Before, During, and After

Everyone needs to ensure that they consume adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals throughout their diet. They are crucial to regulate major bodily functions and their deficiencies can cause the development of severe conditions.

Pregnant women need to particularly ensure that they supplement their diet with sufficient amounts of vitamins essential for their baby’s growth and development. Prenatal vitamins are vitamins that have high quantities of certain nutrients required by expectant mothers. These women should not underestimate the importance of getting all the micronutrients as the health of their fetus depends upon their health.

If you’re confused as to which vitamin supplements you should consume, you needn’t be anymore. Here is your guide to the top vitamins for pregnancy.

Important Prenatal Vitamins for Pregnancy

Prenatal vitamins are essential for women who are planning to get pregnant as well as for those who are in the middle of their pregnancy. Always remember to take your doctor’s advice before consuming various multivitamin tablets during this time. These vitamins play a key role in the development of your baby during pregnancy.

  1. Folic acid

  2. Iron

  3. Calcium

  4. Vitamin D

  5. DHA

  6. Iodine

1.   Folic Acid

pregnancy folic acid supplement

Woman taking folic acid, Credit: Pixabay

Never underestimate the importance of folic acid for pregnancy. This B vitamin can help to prevent birth defects of the spine and brain in your baby. It is very essential to supplement it before and during early pregnancy. 400 mcg folic acid vitamin tablets should be taken everyday before pregnancy. During your pregnancy take 600 mcg of folic acid supplement to prevent your child from contracting any ailments.

One of the best folic acid supplements is HealthyHey Nutrition Folic acid. It is easily available online and is a good option for vegetarians.

2.   Iron


Iron supplement in a bottle, Credit: Pixabay

During pregnancy, the importance of iron for you increases manifold. Your body needs it to produce blood so that your baby can get adequate oxygen. If your diet is lacking in iron sources, then you need iron tablets for pregnancy. They should contain 27 mcg of iron. Your diet should ensure that you’re eating lots of vitamin C fruits along with iron rich food items to promote its better absorption.

A good iron supplement is Inlife iron and folic acid supplement. It contains the adequate amount of iron that is needed by pregnant mothers.

3.   Calcium

prenatal vitamins

Calcium supplement with milk, Credit: Pixabay

Consuming adequate amounts of calcium during your pregnancy will ensure that your baby develops healthy bones, teeth, heart, and other muscles. Your prenatal vitamin should contain 1000 mcg of calcium.

You can supplement your diet with Himalayan Organics calcium supplement. Also ensure that your diet has calcium rich sources of food like milk, cheese, green vegetables, and fruits like oranges.

4.   Vitamin D

vitamin tablets

Vitamin D supplement, Credit: Pixabay

Vitamin D is essential for the proper functioning of your body’s nerves, immune system, and muscles. It also helps your body to synthesize calcium. A good vitamin D supplement will provide you with the recommended amount of 600 IU each day.

You can buy Natures Velvet Lifecare Vitamin D3 supplements online. It will provide you with the necessary amount of this crucial micronutrient.

5.   DHA

multivitamin tablets

DHA supplements, Credit: Pixabay

DHA is a kind of omega-3 fatty acid that enables the healthy development of the brain and vision of your baby. Many prenatal vitamins contain the adequate amount of DHA that you need. So it’s always a good idea to take the advice of your doctor before consuming it.

6.   Iodine

vitamins for pregnancy

Iodine supplement, Credit: Pixabay

Iodine is essential to make thyroid hormone. These hormones enable your body to store energy that is acquired from food. For the healthy development of your baby’s brain and nervous system, you need to take around 220 mcg of iodine everyday. If your diet lacks in iodine sources like dairy products, fortified cereal, and iodised salt, it’s a good idea to take its supplement.

Important Vitamins Post Pregnancy

folic acid for pregnancy

A breastfeeding woman, Credit: Pixabay

All the vitamins mentioned above should be continued to be used after pregnancy, especially during the breastfeeding stage. You may increase or decrease the quantity after consulting with your doctor.

However, a vitamin that is necessary especially during the post pregnancy period is Vitamin B12 and Choline. Vitamin B12 ensures that your breast milk contains all the essential nutrients for your child. Choline is a brain-building nutrient that vegetarian or vegan mothers need to supplement their diet with. Ensuring that you consume all the above mentioned vitamins through either diet or supplementation will make way for the healthy development of your child.

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