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Vaginal Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings an array of changes in your body. This is the stage you experience symptoms that you have never experienced before. Right from morning sickness and vomiting, the symptoms vary as you progress to the next trimesters. One such pain you observe during your pregnancy is the vaginal pain.

What is Vaginal Pain?

Vaginal Pain

A pregnant woman, Credits: pexels

There are lots of hormonal changes happening in the body during pregnancy, which causes infinite changes in your body.

A pregnant woman experiences various sorts of pains in the lower back, breasts, abdomen, and stomach. Vaginal pain is usually seen in the second trimester of pregnancy and may continue throughout the pregnancy. Here we are discussing the types, causes, and treatment of vaginal pain during pregnancy.

What are The Types of Vaginal Pain?

Types of Vaginal Pain

A woman experiencing vaginal pain, Credits: pexels

Vaginal pain is called the “lightning crotch”. The types of vaginal pair are:

  1. Stabbing Pain

  2. Nagging Pain

  3. Cutting Pain

Stabbing Pain

This is a common form of pricking pain that happens during the 5th to 8th week of pregnancy.

The reason for this pain is the stretching of the uterine muscles and flatulence occurring in the mother’s intestines.

If this sort of pain happens around the 37th week of pregnancy, it may be due to the upcoming event of childbirth.

Nagging Pain

Nagging pain is due to inflammation in the fallopian tubes or the cervix. There is nothing to worry about if the pain subsides immediately after treatment. But if the pain persists, immediate doctor consultation is necessary.

Cutting Pain

As your uterus grows to accommodate the size of your fetus, cutting pain is observed. The other reason for this pain includes cystitis during the early stages of pregnancy.

If this pain is observed during the later stages of pregnancy, consult your doctor immediately as there is a possibility of fetal detachment.

Causes of Vaginal Pain

The causes of vaginal pain may vary depending on the timing and intensity. The common causes are

  1. Hormonal Changes

  2. Increased blood flow

  3. Enlargement of the uterus

  4. Infection

  5. Ectopic Pregnancy

  6. Dilation of the Cervix

Hormonal Changes

Pregnancy is a period where there are innumerable changes in the hormones. The changes in the hormones can lead to dryness in the vagina. This dryness leads to vaginal pain, especially during sexual intercourse.

Increased Blood Flow

Causes of vaginal pain

Blood volume increases during pregnancy, Credits: pixabay

The blood volume increases during your pregnancy and increased blood flow to the vagina along with heavy vaginal discharge are normal during pregnancy. The increased amount of blood can cause vaginal pain and discomfort.

Enlargement of the Uterus

Causes of vaginal pain

Enlargement of the uterus causes vaginal pain, Credits: pixabay

The size of your uterus expands to accommodate the growing fetus and this creates pressure in the vagina and the surrounding muscles. As the trimester progresses, the size of the fetus in the uterus increases. Sometimes you may feel a sharp, shooting sensation of pain due to overstretching of the ligaments and muscles surrounding the vagina. The baby’s weight can press down on the pelvic floor, creating a dull pain in the vagina.


Causes of vaginal pain

Candida causes vaginal pain, Credits: pxfuel

If the pain you experience is in the external genital area and the vagina, the cause may be a vaginal (fungal) infection. The common vaginal infection is Candida and this should be immediately treated.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is when implantation happens outside the uterus. The fertilized egg is unable to survive outside the uterus. This results in the rupture of the uterine tube, resulting in vaginal pain, nausea, and lightheadedness.

Dilation of the Cervix

A few weeks before your labor occurs, cervix dilation happens and this causes a sharp and shooting pain in the vagina. This is normal and not to worry. But if you feel that the pain is in the lower abdomen and it is increasing, consult your doctor immediately.

How to Treat Vaginal Pain?

Treatment of vaginal pain

Simple exercises help relieve vaginal pain, Credits: pexels

Every expecting mother may experience vaginal pain at some point in time during the pregnancy. You can try the following measures to combat vaginal pain.

  1. Always lie down on your left side to improve your blood circulation and to get relief from vaginal pressure.

  2. When you sit down for long hours, place your feet elevated so that vaginal pressure and pain are reduced.

  3. Warm baths can be helpful to treat vaginal pain.

  4. After consultation with your doctor, follow simple exercises and yoga which can strengthen your muscles and improve blood circulation and reduce your vaginal pain.

  5. Kegel exercises can relieve vaginal pressure and pain.

  6. A pelvic massage done by a trained medical professional, after consultation with your doctor can help relieve your vaginal pain and can offer support to your pelvis.

  7. You can wear a pregnancy support belt to get relief from vaginal pressure.

Take Home Message

Vaginal pain is uncomfortable and common during pregnancy. If the pain is persistent and nagging, consult your doctor immediately.

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