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Which Is The Best Cooking Oil: Top 7 Best and Worst Cooking Oils

Worst cooking oils for your health

Vegetable oil

When oils are produced, they undergo a lot of refinement before they are packaged. So in this process the essential and beneficial nutrients get lost. So these type of oils exactly are not good for your body.

Canola oil

Although, canola oil has the lowest fat levels in comparison to other oils, they are usually not available in an unprocessed state. Hence, no nutrients remain in it and it consumption offers no health benefits. You should try to find it in a cold- pressed form with poly or monounsaturated fats.

Sunflower oil

One of the most commonly used oil in the kitchen is sunflower oil. It is loaded with omega-6 fatty acids which leads to inflammatory responses and is not very beneficial when it comes to your body and health. But if you really like it and have to use it then add some omega-3 fatty acids which are known to possess great health benefits.

Best cooking oils for your health

best and worst cooking oil

All oils are not bad for your health. You can choose for the healthy options and gain maximum benefit from them and improve your health. The god oils are very high in nutrients and can provide many health benefits. So, they can be used without battling an eyelid. You can always replace the unhealthy oils in your kitchen with the more nutritious ones.

Olive oil

One of the newest trends that is catching up fast nowadays is the use of olive oil, especially extra virgin olive oil.  It is believed to be excellent for your health and is not made from the mechanical refining process.

It is very versatile and often used in salad dressing, pasta and is an integral part of Italian cuisine. But its smoke point is low and cannot be used at high heat like for frying etc.

Coconut oil

Well, since ancient times coconut oil has been used and recommended. From cooking to nourishing your hair and body, it is vey versatile. But due to the increased saturated fat content in it, it is often regarded as not that good. While some evidence does exist saying that saturated fat is not good for your health. Yet, the healthy saturated fat content in coconut oil is not all that bad. All things are good if not done in excess and same goes for coconut oil as well. It helps in burning fat, it can fight against bacteria and fungi. It enhances your metabolic activity, keeps you energetic, helps in digestion etc. So, go ahead and freely use this wonderful and healthy oil.

Also, it has a high smoke point, meaning its an excellent cooking oil for high-heat or frying

Avocado oil

Well if you want to know the winner of them all, then it is hands down avocado oil.

It is lethal combination of both olive oil and coconut oil. This is chocked with rich anti-oxidants and good fats like oleic acid. It aids in improving overall health of the heart, lower bad cholesterol. Hence, improves overall well being of an individual.


Oil is an essential part of cooking and is certainly indispensable. There are some good and some bad oils. You should try to replace the bad oils with the good healthy oils. The god healthy options include olive oil, avocado oil etc. The oils should not be refined and healthy nutrients should stay intact.

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