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7 Organizations to Help You Get Rid of Your Addictions

A report by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment titled Magnitude of Substance Abuse in India 2019 showed that the number of addicts in the country is shockingly high. Some key findings of the report stated that an estimated 6 crore people have alcohol-related disorders whereas more than 2.6 crores have taken part in opioid abuse. The numbers regarding the abuse of other substances are also grim.

India’s drug abuse problem is massive but the question is what can an addict who wants to better do. Addiction is a disorder that requires significant intervention by trained professionals. It requires targeted therapies and round the clock monitoring.

7 Organizations that help people battle with addiction in India:

Alcoholics Anonymous India

A symbol of alcoholics anonymous.

Caption: This organization focuses solely on alcohol addiction.

Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization that is made up of individuals who were once alcoholics and have recovered. This organization has more than 20 lakh members worldwide out of which 40000 in India.

The organization works on a unique model of meetings where people with a drinking problem are encouraged to meet in support groups and help each other battle addiction. They have a unique 12 step programme which is designed to help an individual stay away from drinking and they schedule regular conferences for all members.

They are free for patients who are willing to join and offer a national helpline number through which an individual can seek assistance. The goal of the organization is to ensure that their members stay sober while helping others to achieve sobriety. Reach out on their national helpline number for assistance.


Children posing for a no drugs picture

Stairs approach is to help children avoid addiction by pushing them to play sports.

Stairs is an NGO which helps the youth of the country especially children in battling addiction by getting them involved in sports. 13% of the total drug users in India are aged below the age of 20 years and an alarming 35% of the children in the country have been exposed to drug and substance abuse. These numbers show that India’s drug problem starts at a very early age.

The focus of stairs is to identify these young children who are prone to substance abuse and get them involved in sports. Their data shows that students who are not enrolled in schools have a much higher chance of falling into a drug habit.

They provide these youngsters with opportunities as well as training to play at a competitive level. With the help of the government of India, their long term plan is to train these previously vulnerable kids in Olympic sports and make them play at an international level. One of its flagship programs is called play to earn. This organization is giving young people a once in a lifetime chance.

Kripa Foundation

Kripa Foundation is an organization that works to help individuals suffering from chemical dependency and HIV-Aids. It is the largest NGO that help people battle with addiction in India. The foundation was started 1981 and today it has 91 centres across the country which are helping those in need.

They follow a strict no discrimination policy and provide high-quality treatment backed by constant betterment through research. Some of the services they offer are:

  1. In-house rehabilitation program

  2. Extended care

  3. Community rehabilitation program

  4. Telephone counselling

  5. Extended care services

  6. Outreach programs for awareness

The foundation provides treatment to alcoholics as well as substance abusers.

Society of Service of Narcotics Anonymous

A logo of SOSONA

This support group helps former addicts to maintain sobriety.

SOSONA is an organization which consists of former narcotic users who require support for maintaining their abstinence from drugs. The organization is present throughout the country where they have regular meetings scheduled to battle addiction together.

They maintain anonymity and have no interest in the past use of their members as long as they agree to refrain from future use. The organization serves as a major support system for those who have stopped taking drugs as well as those who have a desire to support.

The organization has also started doing meetings over skype to help people be a part of it from the comfort of their homes.

Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses by Dianoa

SPYM is the organization which operates in India as a part of the Dianova network. Dianova International is an organization which works to fix various social issues including substance abuse and addiction.

The Society of Promotion of Youth and Masses was established in 1986 and has been working throughout the country since. They offer the following services to battle addiction:

  1. Addiction and rehabilitation centres for juveniles

  2. Targeted rehab programmes for different age groups including girls and women

  3. Opioid Substitution treatment program

  4. Early intervention Programmes at the school level

Hope Trust India

Hope Trust India is one of the highest-rated de-addiction centres in the country. It was established in 2002 in Hyderabad, Telangana. Hope trust offers a wide range of de-addiction services and has many international affiliations as well.

This is one of the best places you can find to be at for addiction. Some of the services they offer are:

  1. Inpatient Care

  2. Family Support Services

  3. Outpatient Department

  4. Psychological wellness services

  5. Child and adolescent treatment

Safe House Rehab Centre

rehab centre organization that help with addiction

They provide a luxurious and comfortable rehab experience.

The safe house rehab centre is located in New Delhi and offers alcoholic as well as drug de-addiction programs. They provide a very comfortable treatment approach. The rehab centre boasts an impressive 83% recovery rate.

Their focus is on a holistic approach and provides a whole range of luxurious activities to keep the patient comfortable and occupied. Some of them are a swimming pool, a pool table, and a gym.

The safe house rehab centre helps the patient through yoga meditation, counselling and cognitive behaviour therapy.


Addiction is a difficult problem to deal with especially when you are alone. There are many organizations available in India that help people battle with addiction in India. You can also get in touch with them if someone around is an addict. These organizations are specialists in their field and have high recovery rates.

If you are an addict you should immediately seek help. Addiction can lower your quality of life as well as of those around you.

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