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How To Quit Smoking: 9 Effective Tips And Methods

If you are reading this article, chances are that you have decided to kick your extremely harmful habit of smoking for good. But how to quit smoking? It is not something that you can achieve in a fortnight. It will take some time and patience but the benefits that you will receive in the long run will outweigh the temporary discomfort you may feel at the moment.

So what is the most effective way to quit smoking? There is no single answer to this question. Different people attain different kinds of pleasures while smoking. A person who has been smoking since a decade may find it harder to quit than someone who has been smoking only for a few years or months. Your mind gets attached to the fleeting nicotine rush and you need to reprogram it to let go of this habit. However, there are some tried and tested ways by which you can quit smoking. Here is how to quit smoking tips and tricks.

How to Quit Smoking?

People who are addicted to smoking keep wondering, how can I stop smoking on my own? Well read the tips given below and soon you will be on the track to a smoke-free life.

1.   Remind Yourself Your Whys

ways to quit smoking

a diary, Credit: Canva

There must be a certain reason why you have decided to stop smoking. Apart from gaining better health, you must be doing it for your family or for any other reason. Write these reasons down in a piece of paper and always keep it with you. Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, take this paper out and remind yourself why you don’t need to smoke.

2.   Decide on Your Quitting Approach

how to quit smoking

a hand crushing cigarettes, Credit: Canva

How long does it take the average person to quit smoking? Well, it differs from person to person. That is why it is essential for you to decide a quitting approach that feels suitable to you. For some, sudden elimination of cigarettes from their lives works best. For others, gradually reducing the number of cigarettes that you smoke in a day works better. Decide what is good for you and waste no time in going ahead with it.

3.   Find Support

support and assistance

a group of people, Credit: Canva

Sometimes it becomes difficult to let go of a habit that you are so attached to. In such a scenario, you should actively seek the support of your family and friends or use various apps that encourage you in this journey.

4.   Always Keep Yourself Busy

quit smoking remedies

a man reading a paper, Credit: Canva

A good answer to the question of how to quit smoking is to always remain busy. Whenever you feel the urge to smoke you can do other activities like exercising, walking or chewing gum. It will take your mind off of smoking and you will not find yourself reaching for a cigarette.

5.   Remove All Smoking Triggers

quit smoking home remedies

a bowl of cigarettes, Credit: Canva

Smoking triggers are things like lighters, ashtrays, or cigarettes that can remind you of your habit. When they are in your sight, they wor by giving you the urge to smoke again. So, remove all these things from your home. Make sure that no trace of this habit of yours remain. You will automatically not be able to smoke once there is not a single cigarette in your house.

6.   Follow the 4 Ds

How can I stop smoking on my own

a man with wide arms, Credit: Canva

How to quit smoking following the principle of 4Ds? Whenever you feel a strong craving to smoke, remember the following:

  1. Delay the urge. Remember that this urge will only for a couple of minutes.

  2. Do deep breathing. It will help you to still your mind and focus on things other than smoking

  3. Drink plenty of water. It will help to remove all the nicotine as well as the toxins in your system.

  4. Do another activity like eating fruit or talking to a friend.

7.   Try Nicotine Replacement Therapy

nicotine therapy

a person with a nicotine therapy patch, Credit: Canva

Nicotine replacement therapy, in the form of its patches, inhalers, and the gum will become extremely useful for heavy smokers who just cannot seem to imagine their life without nicotine. There are also many oral medications that will help you deal with withdrawal symptoms. Use them only after asking your doctor.

8.   Set a Quitting Date

quit smoking

quit smoking, Credit: Canva

How to quit smoking on your own? Simply set a date as early as possible in the coming weeks or days, starting from which you will simply not entertain this habit of yours. Be firm and stick to your decision.

9.   Focus on the Positive Aspect

quit smoking tios

a man with wide open arms, Credit: Canva

Quitting may take time. It might be a test of your patience. You may fall out of the wagon at times. But as long as you climb back up, it is going to turn outright. Reward yourself from time to time for showing good discipline and stay motivated.

What Can I Replace Smoking with?

For added support, there are some products that you can make use of in your journey to quitting cigarettes. They will make the process which might feel hard a lot easier.

1.   Cipla Nicotex Nicotine Gum (4 Star Rating)

Cipla Nicotex Nicotine Gum review

This product is clinically proven to help any smoker kick his or her smoking habit within a period of 12 weeks. It is available in various flavours and you can choose anyone according to your preference. The product is fully approved by the WHO.

2.   RAJ RATTAN Anti Smoke Patch, Smoking Cessation Patches

RAJ RATTAN Anti Smoke Patch review

These quit smoking patches can be applied on the upper parts of the body and remove it before going to bed. Over time, they work by minimizing your desire for smoking. You will not experience any adverse effects from these patches as they are made from the neutral plant.

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