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7 Ways This Badam Haldi Whey Protein Helps You Build Immunity

In an ideal world, everyone would consume adequate amounts of protein through their diet. If only it was so easy. The harsh truth is that most people find it extremely challenging to fulfil their protein requirements from their food alone. Worse still, a majority of people are not even aware that they lack protein in their diets. Over a long period of time, prolonged lack or lower than the recommended intake of this vital macronutrient results in muscle loss, weight gain, weakened immune system, and other health complications.

In such a scenario, a whey protein powder becomes a boon. It can be used easily by people wanting to increase the amount of protein in their diet. Moreover, it does this in a perfectly healthy manner, without supplying your body with extra fats in the process. Whey protein is essential to repair the body’s tissues and help you battle all kinds of bacterial and viral infections. Your body’s immune system cells depend on protein. So, you must consume the recommended amount of this muscle-building macronutrient.

Today, the market is flooded with various whey protein powders, all promising big things. But there is a very fine line between promising and actually delivering. Are you tired of experimenting with numerous protein powders only to get disappointed? Here is a whey protein powder, that unlike many, will not only help you shed weight, build muscle but will also help you build a rock-solid immunity.

How You Can Build Strong Immunity with Foodstrong Haldi Badam Protein?

strong immunity

Man with a strong immunity, Credit: Canva

Your search for the best whey protein ends here. Here are seven ways by which Foodstrong’s Haldi Badam Protein will energise you and prevent you from falling prey to any diseases.

  1. This whey protein powder provides a whopping 24 grams of high-quality whey protein in a single serving. Protein derived from grass-fed cows has an edge over other protein variants as it is proven to build stronger muscles and bones. Regularly consuming this Haldi Badam protein will prevent you from experiencing weakness and fatigue, which are the tell-tale signs of a weak immune system.

  2. Foodstrong’s protein powder contains ingredients like green tea extracts, which, with every serving rejuvenates your body with loads of antioxidants. This extract is known for its metabolism-boosting properties which enables your body to stay in a healthy weight range. Green tea contains compounds that prevent the onset of autoimmune diseases. Hence, with every scoop of this whey protein, you enhance your immune strength manifolds.

  3. Another major ingredient in this protein powder is turmeric extract. Turmeric is an ancient spice which contains a powerful compound called curcumin. It is anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants. You will not suffer from flu and other common viral infections as long as you make this protein powder a part of your diet.

  4. A healthy gut is the foundation of your well-being. Enzymes play a vital role in assisting your immune system. Without their presence nutrients will not get absorbed in your digestive system. Foodstrong’s protein powder contains a blend of digestive enzymes. It means that every ounce of the protein powder you consume will get absorbed by your body. Thus, it facilitates better digestion and a better immune system in the process.

  5. Healthy fats, like those found in nuts and seeds, also proof your pulmonary immune system from any infection. As can be gauged by the name itself, Haldi Badam protein powder contains almonds as a key ingredient. That means your body will receive all the micronutrients that are present in almonds like magnesium, zinc, and vitamin E.

  6. Stress is a major culprit behind a weakened immune system. Unfortunately, today stress is more commonly experienced by people than ever before. However, you won’t find yourself suffering from stress-related immunity problems once you start consuming this protein powder. Along with green tea and turmeric extracts, it also contains ashwagandha extracts. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen. It boosts your body’s resistance to stress. Thus, you won’t suffer from the adverse effects of stress.

  7. Many whey protein powders are made with cow milk that is not free of antibiotics. It can be harmful to your health. However, Foodstrong’s whey protein powder is derived from cow milk that is free of any antibiotics. It is just one more reason to make it an essential part of your healthy diet.

3 Ways To Enjoy This Protein Powder

whey protein powder

Man drinking protein powder, Credit: Canva

  1. Open a sachet, and pour the contents into a glass of milk or water. Mix it well and drink it all.

  2. Toss the contents of this protein powder sachet into a blender filled with some oats and banana slices. You can also add some ice cubes on top. Blend it and your protein shake is ready.

  3. Mix the contents of a sachet with your cookie dough containing choco-chips and banana paste. Bake it and your protein-rich cookies are ready.

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