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A lot of us have a ‘poison’. Something that we like indulging in so much that we do more of the same than we should; way more. It could be junk food, soft drinks, binge-watching or the latest and most common problem of this era – the smartphone. 

But for some, our addictions get completely out of hand and spirals into something truly ugly. Some of these addictions can be severely dangerous and act as a one way street to the place where there’s no coming back from. Think cigarettes, alcohol, insatiable amounts of sugar. What’s worse are illicit substances: Narcotics, psychedelics, and other hard drugs. 

But! There’s Always A Way Out

Addiction works in strange patterns. Patterns that change and become more complex over time. But no matter how far down the rabbit hole you’ve gone, there’s a way back. All you have to do is turn around. And if you’ve decided to get your life back, that’s already more than half the battle won. 

About This Section

In this section, you’ll find readings, personal stories, scientifically valid theories and more to help you break all your bad habits. We aim to ultimately expand this session to a forum where you can post your story and meet people who are or used to be in a similar situation like yours. We will also post content featuring expert opinion by doctors and other authority figures that have first hand experience in dealing with the severely addicted.

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