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Autism vs Aspergers Syndrome

What is Autism and Aspergers Syndrome?

autism, aspergers syndrome

a kid with odd behavior, Credits: pexels

Autism- According to the National Institute of Mental Health, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is “a developmental disorder that affects communication and behavior.” It is generally found in children by the age of two.

Asperger’s- It is considered when people have milder symptoms than autism and are capable of living independent lives with little to no assistance.They have difficulty in social interaction and nonverbal communication and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.

High-Functioning Autism -children with autism who have an IQ of 70 or higher and exhibit milder symptoms. For example, these children have fewer language delays, few to no cognitive deficits, and better spatial skills. The most noticeable difference for people with High-Functioning Autism is that they do not have intellectual disabilities.

Similarities of Autism and Asperger’s

autism vs aspergers

autism, Credits: pixabay

The following are a few similarities between the two:

  1. Tough to interpret verbal and non-verbal language

  2. Unable to comprehend gestures, facial expressions, jokes, etc.

  3. Lack of emotions towards others

  4. Unable to express emotions

  5. Can come across as insensitive, blunt, rude, strange

  6. Unable to make friends

  7. Restricted and repetitive behaviors

  8. Limited interests

  9. Deep knowledge in area of interest

  10. Highly sensitive to certain sounds, textures, smells, tastes, etc.

Differences Between Asperger and Autism

autism vs aspergers

a shy child,, Credits: pixabay

1. Language Delay

autism vs aspergers

a girl trying to talk, Credits: pexels

One notable distinction is that children with autism tend to start talking later. Those with Asperger do not frequently have a delay in their language. It is difficult for children with Asperger to communicate and might be socially awkward.

2: A Higher IQ than Normal


a child reading, Credits: pexels

While kids with autism typically have a below average IQ, those with Asperger’s may have higher-than-normal intelligence.

It is said that neither Aspergers or High functioning autism can occur in children with IQs below 65-70, however, it is not true for all children diagnosed with Aspergers.

Some children with AS can still struggle with other cognitive impairments not directly related to autism, such as dyslexia.

High functioning autism is often seen in children with average to above average IQ level. Cognitive impairments are not associated with HFA.

3: Time of Diagnosis

The average age of diagnosis for a child with autism is around age 4.

As children with Asperger’s typically don’t exhibit language delays or have lower IQs, they’re often misdiagnosed or not diagnosed until their teen or adult years.

Asperger’s is often misdiagnosed as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Although these conditions are sometimes both present, Asperger’s is different from ADHD in that it’s a problem with socializing, rather than a problem with focusing attention.

4: Their Brains Work Differently

Autism, aspergers

different brain functioning in autism and aspergers, Credits: pixabay

A few studies suggest that children with Asperger’s syndrome have different brain patterns than those with autism.

While this research offers intriguing facts, more studies need to be done toexplore the brains of children to reveal more information.

5: Milder Symptoms in Asperger’s

Children with Asperger’s are often able to live independently and can attend school. Whereas, many kids with autism will need specialized education and support.

A Few Famous People with Autism

Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein with autism, Credits: FOTER

Bill Gates

Bill gates suffered from autism

Bill gates suffered from autism, Credits: foter

Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs had autism, Credits: foter

Dan Harmon

Susan Boyle

Hannah Gadsby

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