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Best Remedies To Fight Cold And Flu This Winters

As the summers end, the fall or winter season sets in. it is liked by many but also is disliked. The winters do bring in many health problems with them. Viruses cause cold and flu like symptoms. Many people suffer from cold, flu or fever, body aches etc. Although, medicines are available to treat this, you can always try treatment with natural or home remedies.

Mix ginger and honey and make a juice

cold and flu remedies

ginger and honey, Credits: pixabay

Since ancient times, benefits of ginger and honey are known. It is said to work wonders for throat problems and cough. Ginger has great anti-inflammatory properties, whereas, honey acts against bacteria and other microbes. Add a dash of black pepper to this to treat a sore throat.

Garlic can work wonders

treat cold and flu with natural remedies

garlic, Credits: pixabay

Chewing garlic is known to regulating cholesterol levels. It is also said to work towards your diabetes. Garlic can act against microbes and is good in reducing infections.

Garlic is a bog part of coking and is added to soups etc. to reduce flatulence.

Load up on Vitamin C

cold and flu remedies

vitamin c rich foods, Credits: pixabay

Vitamin C is known to boost immunity levels and fight infections. Lemon, orange, and other citrus fruits are filled with vitamin C. It can also help to relieve cough, cold and other respiratory tract infections. Add a dash of lemon juice to warm water every morning and keep your fat at bay.

Alleviate your congestion

cold and flu remedies

women taking a hot shower, Credits: pixabay

If mucus gets accumulated in your nasal passage and lungs, it can cause congestion and leads to heaviness or stuffiness.

Some of the things you can do to reduce congestion:

  1. Take a hot shower

  2. Take steam

  3. Do saline gargles

  4. Apply warm packs to decompress

Keep yourself hydrated

natural water

water bottle, Credits: pixabay

Keeping yourself hydrated is very essential to keep your body healthy and fit.

Some tips you can follow are:

  1. Sip water throughout the day

  2. Avoid tea, coffee, or the drinks that dehydrate it

  3. You can keep a bottle of water next to where you sit and keep drinking it throughout the day specially warm water

Get plenty of rest

cold remedies

sleep baby and men, Credits: pixabay

Your body needs ample amount of rest to recover from illness or an infection. If you exert too much then your healing can be delayed and your recovery period is prolonged.

Ease your sore throat

sore throat

women suffering from sore throat, Credits: pixabay

A sore throat can irritate us. Try making your own concoction of ginger, honey etc. You can even try lozenges like strepsils available in the market. You may sip warm water throughout the day. Warm water with saline rinses are a good option.

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