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Chymoral Forte: Don’t Take This Painkiller Before Reading This

What is Chymoral Forte?

Chymoral Forte

Chymoral Forte – a painkiller, Credits: pxfuel

Chymoral forte painkiller is a common medicine that is used in treating pain and inflammation. It belongs to the class of Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS).

In post-operative wounds and certain inflammatory conditions; it helps in relieving the pain and swelling. So Chymoral Forte Tablet can be called a painkiller and anti-inflammatory drug.

How Does Chymoral Forte Work and What Are Its Uses?

Chymoral Forte-Uses

Chymoral Forte to treat post-operative wounds, Credits: pxfuel

  1. Chymoral Forte is an enzyme that contains trypsin and chymotrypsin.

  2. Trypsin is a serine protease and chymotrypsin belongs to a class of anti-inflammatory enzymes.

  3. The enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin exhibit anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and fibrinolytic properties that help to speed up the reactions in the body.

  4. This drug works by breaking down the proteins into smaller fragments, making these smaller fragments available for absorption into the blood.

  5. After absorption, it helps increase the blood supply in the affected area and thus reduces the swelling; redness, and pain associated with any post-operative and infected wounds.

  6. This tablet helps fasten the recovery of the wound.

  7. Chymoral Forte aids in proper digestion of food and helps in decreasing the chances of stomach pain, gas, and indigestion.

What Happens during Swelling and How Chymoral Forte Treats Inflammation?

Chymoral Forte-Uses

Chymoral Forte to treat inflammation, Credits: pxfuel

Swelling happens due to the movement of blood cells and fluid into the affected area. Swelling can be due to any forms of injury. On the other hand, granulomatous inflammation is due to infection, autoimmune, allergic, and neoplastic conditions. Granulomas refer to the masses of immune cells at sites of infection and inflammation.

Chymoral forte painkiller is an anti-inflammatory drug that is used to treat swelling due to blood clots within the tissues, swelling and pain that happens after surgery, and muscle injuries accompanied by swelling.

Chymoral Forte in Treatment of Other Conditions

Chymoral Forte-Uses

Chymoral Forte to treat eye disorders, Credits: pxfuel

The mechanism of action of this drug is a little different in the eye and respiratory disorders. In the treatment of eye disorders, Chymoral Forte helps to lessen the trauma to the eye by encouraging the extraction of intracapsular cataract.

In respiratory conditions, it works by reducing the viscosity of mucus, thus helping and easing its elimination.

Chymoral forte is used to treat various conditions that are listed below:

  1. Edema

  2. Hematomas

  3. Joint pain and swelling

  4. Gout

  5. Post hysterectomy healing

  6. Post-surgical trauma

  7. Treatment of necrotic tissue

  8. Pelvic inflammatory ailments

  9. Chronic respiratory conditions

  10. Swelling of eyes

  11. Asthma

  12. Piles

  13. Sore throat

How to Use this Tablet?

Chymoral Forte

How to use Chymoral Forte?, Credits: pxfuel

  1. This medicine is recommended for the shortest possible time in smaller doses.

  2. Always take this medicine as advised by your physician.

  3. Chymoral forte should be taken in an empty stomach, preferably 30 minutes before your meal.

  4. Do not break or chew the medicine.

  5. It is not advisable to take more than the recommended doses.

  6. Store the medicine at room temperature.

What are The Side Effects of Chymoral Forte?

Side effects of Chymoral Forte

Mild discomfort due to Chymoral Forte, Credits: pxfuel

  1. This medicine has very little or no side effects. Some minor side effects include stomach pain or discomfort, bloating, diarrhea, skin rash or itching, and shortness of breath.

  2. When you feel that you developed any symptoms after intake of this medicine, you must report to your doctor immediately. Your doctor will find ways to reduce the severity of the symptoms that is due to the side effects of the drug.

  3. Before the consumption of this drug, it is important that you must report your physician if you have any preexisting medical conditions.

  4. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their doctor before using this medicine.

What are the Contraindications of Chymoral Forte?

Contraindications-Chymoral Forte

Caution to individuals with allergy, Credits: pxfuel

  1. If you plan to undergo surgery, it is advisable to stop the tablet at least two weeks before as this could interfere with blood clotting.

  2. It is important to inform your doctor if you have a history of allergy, liver or kidney disease, or problems with your blood clotting mechanism.

  3. If you have peptic ulcers

  4. If you suffer from increased eye pressure

  5. As this medicine can interact with drugs like anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, antibiotics, and allergy drugs and can neutralize the effect of other drugs, it is important to share your medical history with your doctor.

Take Home Message

Chymoral forte painkiller is an NSAID that helps treat pain, swelling, and respiratory conditions.

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