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Deflazacort Tablet – Usage, Side Effects, and Precautions

Steroids, also referred to as corticosteroids, are an anti-inflammatory set of medications. They are used for the treatment of a wide variety of health disorders that are characterised by their inflammation. They come in various forms like tablets, liquids, inhalers, nasal sprays, injections, creams, and gels. Deflazacort tablet is a potent steroid that is used by doctors for those who are currently battling inflammatory conditions. Deflazacort tablet uses is primarily centered around treating muscular conditions. It is designed and developed to help patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Patients suffering from this muscular condition can be either adults or very small children falling in the age of two  years.

The steroid deflazacort is present in deflazacort tablets. Deflazacort tablets 6 mg uses are primarily for patients who are suffering from inflammatory conditions like allergy, arthritis, and asthma. It works to reduce the inflammation as well as the allergy.

What Is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

duchenne muscular dystrophy

muscular dystrophy in a man, Credit: Canva

Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the disease for which deflazacort tablet  is used is a disease that springs from the genetics of a person. Genetics comprises all those things that you have no control over in your body. These are those traits which are there in your DNA right from the time of your birth. You inherit them from your immediate and extended family members.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a genetic muscular condition that kills your muscle cells and causes your body’s muscles to become feeble and distorted. It also significantly affects the size of your muscles. The condition begins in the lower limbs of your body and the pelvis area. From this point onward, it progresses and spreads to other muscles in your body at an alarming pace. It has been observed that ir is mostly the boys who find themselves becoming a victim of this muscular condition. This disorder has rarely been observed in girls.

What You Should Keep in Mind before Taking Deflazacort Tablets

deflazacort precautions

man measuring his blood pressure, Credit: Canva

Before administering deflazacort tablets to yourself, talk to your healthcare provider at length. Tell your doctor whether you are or have suffered from any of the following health conditions:

  1. Constant high blood pressure levels.

  2. A prior episode of heart attack or if you’re currently suffering from any problems related to your heart health.

  3. If you have had any problems related to the functioning of your liver or your kidney in the past or present.

  4. If you are diabetic or suffering from glaucoma, that is, an eye condition related to diabetes. You should also tell the pharmacist or doctor if one of the immediate members of your family is diabetic or suffering from glaucoma.

  5. Tell your doctor if you are suffering from a thyroid problem characterized by an underactive thyroid gland, osteoporosis, or bone thinning condition, epilepsy characterized by weakness in the muscles, ulcers in the stomach, and disorders related to the digestive system.

  6. Whether you are currently or previously have suffered from mental health issues like depression, talk to your doctor about these too.

  7. Discuss with your healthcare provider about the safety of taking this tablet if you are pregnant or are in the breastfeeding phase.

  8. Discuss in detail if you have had an infection like tuberculosis in the past.

  9. You should also discuss the safety of consuming this medication if in the past you have dealt with issues related to blood clotting in your veins or arteries.

  10. You should show your doctor all the medicines that you are presently using, whether they are prescription medicines or not.

  11. Lastly, discuss with your doctor if you have had any allergic reactions to any medicine or if the consumption of any steroid medication has caused you muscle pain.

How Can You Consume Deflazacort Tablet

deflazacort consumption

Steroid medications, Credit: Canva

There are a lot of things that you need to ensure if you are consuming a deflazacort tablet. Read them below and gain a better awareness of the right way of using this medication.

  1. Before you start your treatment, carefully go through the information that is printed on the leaflet present inside the deflazacort tablet package. By reading it, you will attain a in-depth knowledge of tab deflazacort and the side effects you may experience after its consumption. Simultaneously, do not ignore any other information that your doctor provides you.

  2. Deflazacort dosage for an adult varies from half to three tablets per day. But do not make the mistake of thinking that it is the recommended dosage. If your condition is severe, then your dosage will be manipulated by your doctor. Consume this tablet alongside your breakfast in the morning. You should swallow it directly with a gulp of water. For children, the dosage is significantly different from that of an adult. They need to consume it on alternate days.

  3. Maintain a regular schedule with a deflazacort tablet. If someday you forget to take it, do so as soon as you remember but make sure that you are eating something with it. Never, at any day take two deflazacort tablets together in order to make up for the missed dosage.

  4. Do not discontinue the usage of deflazacort tablet until your doctor actually prescribes you to end its usage. If you stop consuming the tablet midway, you are gearing yourself up to deal with major health complications. Instead of stopping, your doctor will reduce your dosage over a period of time.

Are There Any Deflazacort Tablet Side-Effects ?


A tired woman, Credit: Canva

As with every medication, you are prone to experiencing side effects of deflazacort tablets too. Here are some of the common side effects.

  1. Pain in the tummy region, in digestion, and a feeling nauseous.

  2. A sense of weakness in the muscle and exhaustion

  3. Mood swings which become pronounced when the treatment starts

  4. Difficulty in sleeping along with headache

  5. Woman can experience irregular periods

  6. People might also find that there weight is fluctuating and increasing

  7. Some people may also become prone to various infections after taking this medicine

How Can You Manage Deflazacort Tablet Side Effects?

tablet side-effects

Woman experiencing stomach pain, Credit: Canva

If you are feeling abdominal pain and indigestion, then the best way for you to deal with it is to eat simple food. However, if you find blood in your vomit, then communicate about it to your doctor. When feeling tired, do not engage yourself in physical activities or work with machines. Also, stay away from driving. If you find your mood swings becoming too intense, speak to your healthcare provider about it. You should not find yourself becoming too confused and irritated. Besides, if you are finding that your sleeping schedule has become very irregular and is making you experience intense headaches, speak to your doctor. Women can also consult their doctor for dealing with irregular menstrual cycles.

Deflazacort tablet is a very effective steroid medication. But before consuming it, you need to follow all the precautions and gear yourself up for managing its side effects. Do not hesitate to contact your doctor if the pain becomes unbearable.

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