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Do Pain Relief Patch Work & List Of Best Pain Relief Patches With Reviews

Pain killing or pain relief patches are recommended by various doctors for the treatment of long-term or chronic pain. They are used as an option by the doctors when all other types of treatment to manage and relieve pain do not yield any results. Usually these types of patches are medicted and contain a drug called opioid. This drug is available in two types, namely buprenorphine and fentanyl. They are both available in different doses. The   buprenorphine patch and fentanyl patch can be found in two main designs- reservoir and matrix.

The reservoir patch is designed in such a way that the opioid drug which is in the liquid form is present in the middle of it and not anywhere else in the patch. Matrix patches however, contain the drug but it is spread throughout the patch evenly, unlike reservoir pain patches. Many people regard matrix patches as more convenient than reservoir patches. There are also other pain relief patches which include drugs like flector, which is an anti-inflammatory drug, lidoderm. Which is an anesthetic, and duragesic, which is a drug containing opioid.

How Does a Pain Relief Patch Work?

pain relief patch uses

Woman using a pain relief patch, Credit: Canva

Pain relief patches have a variety of medicines in them. On their application to the skin, they help in making the patient get relief from the ache and pain he or she is experiencing in that area.

The medicine is transmitted through the skin directly into that area. Unlike conventional pain relieving medicines, the patient does not have to swallow anything. These patches contain anti-inflammatory medicines that work in the same way as ibuprofen works. One advantage of using pain patches is the absence of any side effects experienced by the person. Common pain killer medicines cause many side effects like irritation in the stomach which the patient has to bear. But with pain patches, this does not happen. Some of these patches work like an anesthetic and numb the area where the pain is being felt. All the patches contain different medicines.

What Is the Most Effective Pain Relief Patch?

pain relief patch uses

Man feeling pain in the back, Credit: Canva

Muscle and joint pain can be distressing. Not everyone obtains the maximum benefits from using ointments, relief sprays, and other similar pain relief products. In such a case, you can use pain relief patches that do the same job. These patches contain essential extracts which go deep into your skin and relieve it from the ache.

Currently, there are many inexpensive pain relief patches that are available online. The list given below surmises some of the most widely used patches that are effective in treating pain.

  1. Viopatch Excel – Pain Relief Patch for Back Pain

  2. Sirona Herbal Period Pain Relief Patches

  3. Salonpas Pain Relief Patch

  4. NICEPLAST Pain Relief

  5. Hansaplast Lion Plaster

viopatch pain relief

Woman feeling pain in the back, Credit: Canva

This patch has been designed to help people get rid of back pain problems. These are large patches that are also waterproof. The various pain alleviating extracts in this patch continue to be transmitted in your body for up to 12 hours. Also, you can become free of the trouble of reapplying and reusing it after intervals of 3-4 hours. You can easily wear it under your garments and carry on your work without experiencing any discomfort.

pain relief patch

Pain reliever patch, Credit: Canva

This pain relief patch will work wonders for women who are annoyed by their menstrual pains. You can apply them on your lower back region, legs, and stomach region. After applying them you will instantly feel your pain alleviate. It is because the anti-inflammatory medicines in it will start working to provide you relief. This patch is free of chemicals and is fully safe and natural. Also, if you are someone who is sensitive to strong smells of ointments, this patch will be good for you. It does not contain any odour.

salonpas review

Woman feeling pain in the back, Credit: Canva

It is a pain relief patch that is clinically proven to provide you with relief. Oftentimes, people wonder, are pain relief patches safe? They do not have to question their decision after experiencing their decision after trying out the salonpas patch. These ultra-thin are very stretchable and you can easily wear them under any kind of clothing. Also, there is no worry of medicine being spread into your skin and causing you discomfort with them. You only need to take this patch and apply it on the affected area.

niceplast patch review

Person with pain relief patches in the back, Credit: Canva

These perforated pain patches are an affordable option for those looking to alleviate their aches and pains. These pain patches have strong adhesive in them. Thus, they will stay in their position and will not move even while you sweat. You can wear them under your clothes and be assured that the patch will neither move from its position and will also not get removed.

Hansaplast Lion

Pain reliever patch, Credit: Canva

This renowned band-aid brand also offers pain relief patches. Hansaplast patches are quite effective in helping you acquire relief from joint and muscle pain. Oftentimes, people are unable to rest when dealing with pain. This patch will activate the heat of your body which will then work on the pain area. Over a period of time your pain will reduce naturally.

After reading about all the patches, you might want to know, which is the best choice among people. It is that of Viopatch Excel. Look at the customer reviews and you will find out yourself why people have been loving it.

Pain reliever patch review

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Pain reliever patch amazon review

amazon customer review

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