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Everything You Need to Know About the Antibiotic Nitrofurantoin

Various antibiotics are administered to treat bacterial infections in people. These antibiotics work by halting the progress of bacteria in our system. Medicines like nitrofurantoin are widely recommended by doctors to help people recover from bacterial infections. There are many  Nitrofurantoin uses. It is used for treating and preventing different kinds of urinary tract infection. A urinary tract infection is the name given to an infection that strikes organs of your urinary systems like bladder, kidneys, ureters, and urethra.

A noteworthy point with regards to antibacterial medications is that they should not be used to treat infections that are not caused by bacterias. These medications are not effective for treating viral ailments like flu and common cold. If you use it without having any kind of bacterial infection, you will reduce its efficacy to treat yourself from a bacterial infection that may strike you in future.

How Is Nitrofurantoin Used?

nitrofurantoin uses

Antibiotics, Credit: Canva

Tab nitrofurantoin is taken by mouth. You can take it with food or liquid like milk as recommended by your healthcare provider. You have to take this medicine four times in a day to recover from your infection. It can also be taken before bed time every day to prevent the onset of bacterial infection.

Swallow the tablet as it is. You should completely avoid using antacids with magnesium trisilicate. It is because magnesium trisilicate binds with nitrofurantoin and thereby prevents the complete absorption of this medication in your body.

What Is the Recommended Nitrofurantoin dosage?

nitrofurantoin dose

Antibiotics in a bottle, Credit: Canva

Nitrofurantoin dose is based on the condition that you have and how your body responds to the medicine. It is generally based on the body weight of an individual. For children also, the medicine is strictly administered according to their body weight. You should always take the dosage that is given to you by your doctor. Do not try to manipulate the dosage by yourself. Take the help of your doctor if you’re confused about how much to take.

Nitrofurantoin 100 mg works best when it is taken at regular intervals daily. Also, you should never forget to administer this medication to yourself at the same time every single day. Do not stop consuming it midway. It will not help you to fully recover from the infection. Administer it according to the way prescribed by your doctor. Avoid skipping doses and do not discontinue it suddenly without asking your doctor.

If you find yourself experiencing symptoms of another urinary tract infection, then consult your doctor. Take the full course of this antibiotic. You may find your symptoms abating within a few days. But do not let it tempt you into stopping the course of this medication. It will enable the bacteria to grow back and your condition will only worsen over time.

Does Nitrofurantoin Come with Any Side Effects?

nitrofurantoin side effects

Person experiencing discomfort, Credit: Canva

Usually, this antibiotic is safe for everyone. But it does not mean that after consuming it you will not be prone to its common side effects. There are certain mild side effects of this medication that goes away on their own. But if the side effects persist, discuss with your doctor about them. The side effects are:

  1. Dark coloured urine

  2. Vomiting

  3. Nausea

  4. A sudden appetite loss

Apart from the symptoms mentioned above, this medicine can also cause some serious side effects in people. You should consult your doctor if you find yourself experiencing one or the other of the following symptoms.

  1. Extreme difficulty in inhaling and exhaling

  2. Excessive fatigue and exhaustion

  3. Fever and chills

  4. Pain in the chest area

  5. Onset of a cough that persists

  6. A numbing sensation in the organs like toes and fingers

  7. Tingling sensation in the body

  8. Weakness in the joints and muscles

  9. inflammation of the tongue or lips

  10. Presence of a rash on the skin

These are very unusual side effects and should not be experienced by the person who is consuming nitrofurantoin.

Precautions to Follow before Using Nitrofurantoin


A medical equipment, Credit: Canva

Read the following list of precautions and follow it before you start using this antibiotic.

  1. Discuss with your doctor or pharmacist in detail about your allergies to this medication. The inactive ingredients in this medicine can make certain people react to it.

  2. Do not use this medicine if you suffer from an existing medical condition. Generally those with kidney disease and liver problems should avoid the usage of this medicine.

  3. Discuss in detail your medical history with your doctor. It becomes important if you have anemia, lung diseases, eye diseases, and diabetes.

  4. If you are pregnant, avoid consuming this medicine. Take it only after discussing it with your doctor. It is because the medicine passes into the breast milk and later on cause undesirable effects on the babies.

Now that you know everything about this potent antibiotic, you can safely consume it in the required amount to see a positive effect on your health.

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