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Febuxostat 40 – Uses Side-Effect and Dosage

Today, many people can be seen suffering from an inflammatory health condition called arthritis. Although it can be categorized into many types, one of its most painful kinds is called gout.  Gout is a form of arthritis that happens when the amount of uric acid in your blood increases significantly. This high level of uric acid in your body’s blood  is very dangerous for your health. It does not only lead to gout but also to a variety of other health conditions. Febuxostat 40 is a medication that is recommended by doctors for patients dealing with this kind of arthritis.

Gout – What Is It?

Febuxostat 40 uses

woman feeling pain in the joints, Credit: Canva

Gout is a kind of arthritis that arises because of the formation of crystals around the region of joints in your body. The onset of this condition is usually observed in the elderly and among them, men are more prone to develop this disorder. The beginnings of gout can be linked to the increased levels of urate in the blood. Although having urate in your blood is perfectly healthy, the problem occurs when the levels of urate or uric acid rises to abnormal levels.

Your kidneys are designed to flush out the excess amount of urate from your blood. However, if there is too much urate in your blood then it becomes impossible for the kidneys to perform this job. It is at this point that urate crystals start making their appearance. They begin to form around the joint tissues and can gradually appear even inside your skin and organs like kidneys.

How Does Febuxostat Tablets Work?

febuxostat tablets

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A continuous presence of high levels of uric acid in your blood, if left untreated can prove to be harmful for you. Febuxostat is widely recommended by physicians for this condition. Febuxostat begins to work by blocking the high amount of urate production in your blood. What it essentially does is reduce the levels of urate by bringing down xanthine oxidase. The enzyme xanthine oxidase enables you to produce uric acid from the enzyme called xanthine.

Febuxostat comes under a family of drugs that goes by the name xanthine oxidase inhibitors. All the drugs that come under this category are used in the treatment of gout and similar conditions.

Another drug in this category is called allopurinol. Both these drugs are used to reduce the levels of urate by bringing down xanthine oxidase. However, some people’s bodies are not suited to the use of allopurinol. Hence they are prescribed febuxostat.

What You Should Know Before You Consume Febuxostat Tablet

tablets precautions

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Febuxostat drug is extremely effective in treating the condition of gout. They prove to be very helpful if patients are suffering from frequent attacks of this condition. It is also a very beneficial medicine to help those people whose kidneys and joints have been severely damaged by repeated episodes of gout. People who have acquired tophi of Gout lumps also find themselves benefitting after consuming this medicine.

At the same time, do not think that febuxostat tablets are ideal for every kind of condition. It is wrong of you to assume this fact. You cannot take this medicine if you suffer from the following problems:

  1. You have had a prior case of heart attack or any heart condition

  2. And, You are presently undergoing a treatment for kidney or liver issues that are quite severe in nature

  3. You are suffering from any thyroid disorders

Patients who suffer from the conditions mentioned above are strictly prohibited from using this medicine. There are no febuxostat uses for them. In order to determine if you can safely consume this medication, your doctor will arrange a blood test that you will have to undertake. The results of that blood test will help your doctor to find out if you can safely consume this medicine or not. A noteworthy point with regards to febuxostat consumption relates to lactose. The tablets have lactose in them, hence, people who are lactose intolerant need to consult their doctor before taking it.

What Is the Correct Dosage of Febuxostat?

febuxostat dosage

Person swallowing a tablet, Credit: Canva

Usually physicians recommend that you embark on the course of febuxostat medicine only after your gout attack has fully subsided. If it cannot happen then the course begins in the mild phase of gout. In the beginning of the course, you might experience more gout attacks. It is because of the tendency of the crystals to dislodge before they begin to dissolve. Do not, however, think that the drug is inefficient and make the mistake of discontinuing its usage. After a few weeks, your gout attacks will stop.

The correct febuxostat dose will be prescribed by your doctor. Usually, an 80 mg dosage has to be consumed by patients daily. But after a series of blood tests, your doctor may manipulate the dosage and may even increase it upto 120 mg. A 120 mg dosage is recommended by physicians for those people whose urate levels fail to come down. Febuxostat is a medicine that is used for long-term treatment. Hence, you should not be disheartened if at first it seems to be increasing your attacks of gout.

What Are the Side Effects of Febuxostat?

tablet side effects

Person feeling headache, Credit: Canva

One of the most common side effects of febuxostat is the increase in the frequency of gout attacks. But this is a normal part of the treatment. Other common side effects of it are the following:

  1. Frequent bowel movements or diarrhea

  2. Headaches

  3. Rashes in the skin

  4. Feeling nauseous

  5. Abnormal liver test results

  6. Fluid buildup usually in the lower body parts like ankles and legs

You should discuss with your doctor if febuxostat causes you to develop a sudden rash, causes swelling in any part of your face or develops fever in your body.

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