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Fenugreek Seeds For Hair: 7 Surprising Benefits And How To Use

Most of us do not have good memories associated with the highly nutritious vegetable called methi or fenugreek. Few of us know how nutritious it is to maintaining not only the health of your hair but also the health of your body as a whole. But since quite some time now, the benefits of fenugreek seeds for hair have become quite apparent as it is not uncommon to see every person raving about how it has transformed their hair. The seeds are rich in potassium, iron, vitamin C, and are also loaded with protein. Thus fenugreek for hair is an effective remedy for those who want to minimise their hair loss issues.

Fenugreek seeds for hair growth are being utilised by people worldwide as an effective moisturizing treatment that works to impart lustre and shine to the hair. One of the main reasons behind fenugreek seeds benefits for hair is that it contains a set of plant compounds. These compounds include flavonoids and saponins. They are anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal in nature. They are what contributes to the growth of your hair.

According to fenugreek seeds for hair growth reviews, these seeds are effective in enhancing the volume and density of your hair when used regularly over a period of some months. Many people might wonder how methi for hair should be used. You can come to know all about it by reading the rest of the article below.

How Does Fenugreek Thicken Hair?

After reading so much about fenugreek seeds for hair, you might be intrigued to know how you can use it and reap its benefits.

1.   Shield Against Hair Fall

fenugreek seeds for hair fall

Woman looking at her hair, Credit: Canva

Can fenugreek seeds regrow hair? Yes it can. Along with regrowing hair, it can also stop hair fall that so many people nowadays face. For using fenugreek seeds to put an end to your hair fall, simply take a handful of these seeds and put them in a big bowl. Fill it with water and keep it covered overnight. In the morning, take the fenugreek seeds which by now must be quite thoroughly soaked in water and blend them with either some lemon juice or plain water. Take this mixture and apply it on your hair. After sometime, you can wash it off. It is up to you whether you need to use a shampoo to wash it off.

2.   Fenugreek Seeds for Hair Growth

fenugreek seeds for hair growth

Picture of fenugreek seeds, Credit: Canva

Fenugreek seeds, when combined with coconut oil can help to stimulate hair growth. Boil some fenugreek seeds along with some coconut oil. Keep boiling till you see the colour of the seeds becoming red. Now strain the seeds and apply the oil left on your head. Regular application of this oil will help you to significantly see hair growth.

3.   Fenugreek Seeds to Reduce Excessive Oil

fenugreek seeds

tablespoon of fenugreek seeds, Credit: Canva

You can use fenugreek seeds for hair to get rid of your problem of oily scalp. Soak some of these seeds in apple cider vinegar a night before making their paste. Blend these seeds with apple cider vinegar the next morning. Apply this mixture to your hair. When you wash this mixture, remember to use a mild shampoo and not a creamy one. Over time you will notice that the oil in your scalp has significantly reduced.

4.   Fight Itchy and Dry Scalp

fenugreek seeds for dry hair

Woman scratching her hair, Credit: Canva

Fenugreek seeds for hair benefits are simply endless. Apart from removing excess oil from your scalp it also helps you fight a dry and parched scalp. All you have to do is combine these seeds with egg yolk. Make their paste and apply this pate for around thirty minutes or half an hour on your hair. Both these ingredients are very moisturizing so it will help you to get rid of your dry scalp condition. Remember to take this mask off from your hair by only using a mild shampoo and not a harsh one. A harsh shampoo will rip the moisture that these ingredients have provided to your scalp and will make it dry again.

5.   Fight Dandruff Prone Scalp

fenugreek seeds for dandruff

Dandruff in hair, Credit: Canva

How to use fenugreek seeds for hair if you want to attain a dandruff free scalp? Dandruff, if left untreated can significantly hamper the health of your scalp. It also causes constant itching and dryness. Fenugreek seeds can help you combat this dandruff problem. Make a paste of its seeds and combine it with yogurt. For optimum results, apply this mix thrice every week. Make sure to wash this mixture off thoroughly from your hair.

6.   Fenugreek Seeds for Hair Thickness

fenugreek seeds hair remedies

Woman with shiny hair, Credit: Canva

For attaining shine and thickness too, you can use fenugreek seeds for hair. But you don’t have to apply it topically on your scalp. Instead, you can just fill a glass with water, put some fenugreek seeds in it, and leave this mixture as it is overnight. In the morning, drain the seeds and drink the water which is now infused with the goodness of fenugreek. You can drink this water every day and notice considerable improvement in the thickness of your hair.

7.   Eliminate the Problem of Premature Greying of Hair

hair greying remedy

Grey hair, Credit: Canva

Are you tired of staring at your hair which seems to be turning grey earlier than usual? Use fenugreek seeds for hair. Among the plethora of benefits that it provides, fighting off premature greying of hair is something which can be made use of by every one who is struggling with this issue. Take some curry leaves and combine them with fenugreek seeds. Blend these ingredients until you achieve a paste like consistency. Now apply it on your hair, especially to those areas which are turning grey. Make sure to wash this mixture with cold and not hot water.

Can I leave fenugreek on hair overnight? This is a question that many women ask after knowing the advantages of these wonder seeds. If you leave them overnight then you will find it extremely hard to take it off from your hair the next day. It is best to leave them for not more than a period of half an hour for optimum results.

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