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How To Delay Periods Using Regestrone Tablets (Norethisterone), Safety Precautions

Every woman experiences menstruation at approximately the same time every month. However, sometimes, the date of her periods may clash with some prior plans. For example, a vacation or a wedding. No one would like to deal with periods at such a time. It is at this time that women desire to delay the natural occurrence of their periods and shift it to a later date. Also, many women suffer from extremely heavy and irregular periods. They seek a tablet that will help them overcome the problem of heavy and abnormal bleeding. Regestrone tablet is used for the treatment of different menstrual issues that a woman might face. It works to balance the hormones in the woman thereby regulating the irregular menstrual cycle.

What Is Regestrone?

regestrone uses

Woman suffering from cramps, Credit: Canva

It is a tablet that usually comes in a quantity of no more than 5 mg. It contains an ingredient called norethisterone which is a kind of female sex hormone called progesterone in its synthetic form. Regestrone tablet is used to treat many menstrual disorders because it can mimic the hormone progesterone’s actions. This medicine should be taken by you exactly as per the way your doctor prescribes. You should also take it as per the time period given by your doctor.

Women who are pregnant or are currently suffering from any liver disorder or a disorder concerning blood clot should not administer this medicine to themselves.

What Is Regestrone Used for?

regestrone tablet

Woman suffering from abdominal pain, Credit: Canva

Regestrone or norethisterone tablets work to balance a woman’s hormone. However, apart from this, they also have a number of other uses. Some of the norethisterone tablets use for treating menstrual disorders are given below:

  1. It treats endometrial cancer, the type of cancer in which the tissue lining pushes out of the region of the uterus in a woman. It causes much pain and discomfort.

  2. Also, It effectively treats and prevents the problem of abnormal uterine is the type of bleeding which is very heavy and prolonged.

  3. It is also used for treating amenorrhea. It refers to the condition characterized by period loss. One of the regestrone tablet uses is concerned with preventing amenorrhea and enabling women to get back to her regular cycle.

  4. Additionally, it can be used as a contraceptive and helps avoid the risk of unwanted pregnancies.

  5. Some people experience premenstrual syndrome or PMS usually before their actual periods are about to start. Its symptoms include head and breast pain, water retention, mood swings, etc. these symptoms can be alleviated by taking a regestrone tablet.

  6. The medicine is also used to treat various kinds of breast cancer.

  7. It also enables one to get relief from the painful menstrual cramps.

  8. Regestrone tablets are also used to both regulate and delay the periods as and when desired.

Does Regestrone Delay Periods?

delay in periods with regestrone

Woman consuming a medicine, Credit: Canva

Regestrone can certainly come to your aid if you are planning to delay your periods. For delaying it, you need to start consuming the 5 mg dose of this medicine two times in a day. This consumption should be started a week from the date from which you expect your period to occur. You should not stop consuming the tablet till you reach that time till you want to postpone your periods. After you stop taking the tablets, you will find your periods occurring in approximately the next three to four days. Also, you can have a slightly heavier period flow than before. The period flow will get back to normal after a month. Since it is a hormonal tablet, it can give you some unpleasant symptoms like bloating and abdominal pain.

What Are the Side Effects of Regestrone?

regestrone side effects

Woman suffering from headache, Credit: Canva

Being a hormonal tablet, regestrone is bound to make you experience certain side effects. These side-effects may vary in different women. The commonly experienced effects after taking this tablet include:

  1. Pain in the head and migraine

  2. A feeling of tiredness and lethargy

  3. Depressed and not feeling energetic

  4. Irregular periods

  5. Presence of spotting

  6. Pain the the breast region

  7. Pain in the abdomen region

  8. Appetite loss

  9. Fluctuations in weight

  10. High blood pressure levels

  11. Growth of hair in facial skin

  12. Skin acquiring a yellowish tinge

  13. Difficulty in breathing comfortably

  14. Problems in sleeping

What Is Regestrone Dosage to Treat Heavy and Painful Periods?

heavy periods

Woman taking medicine, Credit: Canva

If you are experiencing more than usual amount of bleeding then you should take this medication in a 5 mg dosage three times in a day for a period of 10 days. The tablet will make your bleeding stop in just the first three days only. However, you should not stop consuming the tablet after noticing that your bleeding has stopped. Instead you should keep consuming it for the next ten days. If however, you find that there is no change in your bleeding then you should contact your doctor.

If you suffer from painful periods then you should take this medicine thrice in a single day. Start consuming it from the fifth day to the 24th days of your menstrual cycle. Do not stop the course of this medicine for a period of three to four months.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Regestrone

1.    How long will regestrone 5 mg take to show results?

The results you will get with this tablet largely depend on how much you have consumed this medication and for which reason you have consumed it. There is not one answer to this question for everyone.

2.    Can I use regestrone 5 mg if I am pregnant?

It is not advised to use a regestrone tablet when you get or are pregnant. If you get pregnant while you are on its course you should reach out to your doctor as soon as possible.

3.    Is consumption of alcohol with regestrone 5 mg safe?

Although the medicine does not interact with alcohol it is still important to talk to your doctor if you have a habit of drinking frequently.

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