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How to get a normal delivery? Easy tips to get a successful normal delivery

Normal delivery is very health for both the mother and the baby and has been used since ages. Nowadays a lot of people are getting C- section delivery done. This has its own disadvantages and benefits. But nothing beats a normal surgery or a normal birth delivery process. But you cannot control what happens during labour and what your doctor decides is best for you. However, you should take all measures to avoid invasive procedures and opt for normal delivery. Natural delivery allows for a quicker recovery and discharge from the hospital.

So what are the reasons that natural delivery is so good?

easy tips to follow for a normal delivery

Pregnant lady

  1. The mother and baby are healthier normal delivery has a faster recovery time. When the baby passes through the vagina, it has a stronger immunity due to the bacteria that are present in the birth canal.

  2. Breastfeeding is easier in normal deliveries. C- sections might cause you to take pain killers which might hamper breastfeeding pattern.

  3. speedy recovery post delivery. In normal delivery no medications are used, in fact its just the body that fights all the pain by itself. You can carry out your normal physical activities bery soon post delivery than c-section.

  4. Short hospital stay: you get to have a short hospital stay and speedy recovery with natural delivery than c-section.

  5. No surgery related problems. C-section is just like a normal surgery and can have complications like bleeding etc. but normal delivery would not have such complications.

  6. helps in achieving a faster bond with your child

  7. babies born from natural deliveries have fewer lung or breathing problems.

Easy Normal Delivery Tips

easy normal delivery tips

Pregnant lady stomach

You should always take good care during the pregnancy to ensure a smooth natural birth. Below listed are some tips you can follow to achieve the same.

  1. Eat a good diet

  2. Exercise regularly

  3. Keep yourself hydrated

  4. Do yoga and deep breathing

  5. Get ample rest

  6. Attend prenatal classes

  7. Drink a good amount of water

Regular Exercise

Doing mild exercises as told by your doctor can really help you to keep yourself busy and active. They target pelvic region which could ease out the labour pains. But these exercises should be done when an expert is guiding you.

Always eat a Healthy Diet

Healthy and balanced diet is essential for both mother and baby. You should eat well to ensure a normal growth of the child. If you eat right then it will give you the stamina to fight the labour pains. Eat vegetables and fruits and avoid gaining weight as it would hamper a normal delivery.

Keep stress at bay

Throughout the pregnancy do not take any stress and relax. Stay away from negativity and negative people. If you take stress then it negatively affects the health of the baby also. So keep your mind positive and read a lot of good books. Spend time with positive people who support you.

Enough rest is essential

A to be mother should get ample rest. Rest and sleep ensure a healthy baby. Do not take coffee or tea before sleep as it could hamper your sleep. You might listen to calming music or read a book to ensure a smooth, undisturbed 8 hours of sleep.

Practice yoga and deep breathing

Proper breathing will help you get sufficient oxygen. You can practice meditation to keep yourself calm and relaxed. Controlling your breath could help you during delivery time. You may take prenatal yoga classes that are very common these days. So educate and train yourself about labour.

Build a good support system around you

You are not alone in pregnancy, your partner has to support you throughout. Your family members should help and support you throughout.

Read a lot about parenting and kids

There are a lot of books and information available that can guide how to parent. You also can get a lot of information on pregnancy and what all women go through in this period.

There is a lot of pains but a lot of gain also during pregnancy. You should take good care of your health in pregnancy. You should always keep yourself happy and positive to benefit your baby’s health and wellness. So enjoy the journey thoroughly. Motherhood is a special feeling. Vitamins and mineral supplements should be taken as guided by your doctor. These vitamin supplements will keep your energy levels high and keep fatigue at bay.

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