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How To Make Lips Pink: 11 Natural Ways And Home Remedies

Among all the parts of the skin, the lips are that area upon which the environmental exposure takes the most toll. They are the first one to get affected by elements like pollution, dehydration, and contact with harsh chemicals that are found in lipsticks. It is because your lip’s skin is one of the most sensitive and thinnest parts of the whole skin. Everyone like the sight of soft and pink lips. But how to make lips pink and soft is a question whose single answer is, by taking care of your lips just as you take care of your skin.

Although makeup items, especially lipsticks can help you hide any kind of discolouration on your lips, still people desire to have pink lips without being dependent on makeup. How to get pink lips naturally? Well, there are many ways to take care of your lips and make them look bright and pink. Apart from store-bought products, natural home remedies also help a lot. Let us explore exactly how to make lips pink without relying on makeup.

How Can I Get Rid of Black Lips?

scrub for pink lips

lip scrub, Credit: Canva

Make the habits listed below a natural part of your skincare routine and soon you will see the colour of your lips changing to bright pink.

  1. Using scrubs is one of the best ways to attain pink lips. You might ask, how can I make my lips pink with lip scrub? a great alternative to Lip injections Limerick. Make a scrub out of some almond oil, two spoons of sugar, and a few drops of honey. Scrub your lips with this mixture gently. It will remove the dead skin cells and encourage the natural pink colour of your lips.

  2. Another way to remove dead skin cells is to rub the lip skin with a toothbrush. Apart from removing the dead skin cells, it will also increase the blood circulation, thus leading to pinker looking lips.

  3. Use a lip balm daily on your lips whenever you are going out. The lip balm should have an SPF of 15 or more. It will prevent the contact of your lip’s sensitive skin to the harsh sun rays.

  4. Always keep your lips moisturised. The best moisturizer for lips is aloe vera gel. You can use the gel from the plant directly or can buy aloe vera gel from the market.

  5. Stay hydrated at all times to avoid chapped and dry lips. When your body is hydrated, your lips will stay plump and will also remain moist.

  6. Take a vitamin E capsule and apply its oil on your lips. Vitamin E oil improves circulation and eliminates the occurrence of fine lines.

  7. Stop using lipsticks that contain harsh chemicals. Instead of them, you can dab some raspberry, beetroot, or pomegranate juice.

  8. Before applying lipstick, you should dab some coconut oil on it. Apply your lipstick on top of it. The oil will act as a protective barrier that will not allow the harsh chemicals in your lipstick to discolour your lips.

How to Make Lips Pink – Easy Home Remedies

1.   Rose Petals and Milk

home remedies for pink lips

rose petals, Credit: Canva

Do you want to know how to make lips pink like rose petals? Just let some rose petals soak overnight in half cup milk. In the morning, strain the petals and grind them. Take this paste and apply it on your lips. Wash it off after 15 minutes.

2.   Turmeric Pack

how to make lips pink

turmeric powder, Credit: Canva

You can make your lips turn pink with consistent usage of a turmeric pack. Make it by mixing a teaspoon of turmeric with some milk. Apply it on your lip’s skin and gently scrub. Wash it after 5 minutes.

3.   Beetroot Juice

lip discolouration remedies

beetroot slices, Credit: Canva

People often ask, how can I make my lips pink in one day? Although your lip discolouration will take some time to go you can quicken the process using beetroot. Take a slice of this vegetable and rub it on your lips. You will soon see your lips turning bright pink.

4.   Sugar and Lemon

how to get pink lips

lemon slices, Credit: Canva

Use this remedy if your lips are always hydrated and soft. Just cut a lemon slice, place some sugar on top of it and use it to scrub the surface of your lips. It will remove dead cells and bring out the natural colour of your lips.

5.   Almond Oil

almonds oil

almonds, Credit: Canva

What causes dark lips in most people? It is the absence of sufficient moisture. A great way to replenish your lips is by moisturizing them by way of oils like almond oil. Regularly massaging this oil on your lips will make them look significantly pink.

6.   Aloe Vera Gel

aloe vera gel

aloe vera gel, Credit: Canva

How to make lips pink with plants? Well, aloe vera gel mixed with a few drops of coconut or olive oil can function as a natural lip balm. But you need to refrigerate this mixture first so that it acquires the consistency of a lip balm. It will not only make your lips pink but will soften it and keep it protected from the harsh environmental exposure.

How to Make Lips Pink – the Best Products

1.   Juicy Chemistry Blood Orange & Rosehip Organic Lip Balm For PiGmented & Chapped Lips (4.2 Star Rating)

organic lip care products

This lip balm is enriched with oils of apricot and rosehip as well as vitamin E. It heals the lips and protects it from dry and cold temperatures. Thus, it promotes supple and soft lips.

2.   Khadi Essentials Wild Rose Lip Butter with Rose Petals, Cocoa Butter and Turmeric Oil, For Dry Chapped Lips and Lip Lightening (4.2 Star Rating)

best lip care products india

This lip butter is free of all chemicals and parabens. The essential fats work to moisturise your lips while the essence of wild roses imparts them a natural pink colour.

3.   Bella Vita Organic Nicolips Lightening and Brightening Dark Lip Balm Scrub for Men and Women (3.8 Star Rating)

Bella Vita Organic Nicolips review

For those who are dealing with dark lips due to smoking, this lip balm will rejuvenate the condition of your lips. This scrub is enriched with the goodness of shea butter, almonds, and beetroots. It promotes plumper and healthy-looking lips.

4.   Namyaa Natural Lip Serum/Balm/Lightener/Moisturizer For Lip Lightening (4.1 Star Rating)

best lip care products in india

It is one of the best serums that lighten dark lips that have been damaged due to smoking. Free of all harmful chemicals and made using plant-based products, it nourishes and protects the lips from environmental damage.

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