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How To Remove Dark Circles Permanently: 11 Home Remedies And Tips

Everyone wants to attain picture perfect skin. That means no blemishes, no dark spots, and no under eye circles. However, that means foregoing late night parties, not getting out in the sun, and not spending much time in front of computer screens. If we stop doing all these things, then life will hardly seem charming. Everyone deserves to enjoy life. But no one likes to see the effects of some of the habits that give us joy on themselves. Under eye circles are a natural consequence of skin becoming mature. It does not matter if you follow a great skin care regime. You will get under eye circles as your skin’s ability to produce collagen or protein reduces. How to remove dark circles is a common question on many women’s minds.

Your genetics determine the kind of skin you have. But it does not mean that you need to live with problems like dark circles and blemishes. There are many home remedies that you can try to enhance your appearance. After trying them out, you will never have to ask how to remove dark circles permanently?

How to Remove Dark Circle Under Eyes?

1.   Tomatoes for a Clear Skin

tomatoes for dark circles

Fresh tomatoes, Credit: Canva

Tomatoes are a wonder product when it comes to treating dark circles. Their juice will help your skin acquire a brighter appearance. All you need to do is soak some cotton balls and tomato juice and dab it under your eyes. Keep it for ten minutes and then splash your face with some cool water. Voila! You will get a beautiful, glowing skin.

2.   Grate Some Potatoes

potato juice for eyes

a potato, Credit: Canva

How to remove dark circles naturally fast? The answer to this question lies in grated potatoes. They are the best remedy for skin lightening and work extremely well for reducing the occurrence of dark circles. You only need to put some grated potato juice under your eyes for ten minutes. Do it regularly and achieve visible differences.

3.   Cold Tea Technique

cold tea bags for eyes

Cold tea bags, Credit: Canva

You can use tea bags to get rid of your dark circles. How to remove dark circles at home using tea bags is simple. Take some soaked green or chamomile tea bags and place them in the freezer. Let them chill for a few hours. Now apply them under your eyes. Apart from reducing dark circles, they will also reduce puffiness in your eyes.

4.   Lighten Your Skin with Cucumber

cucumber for dark circles

cucumber slices, Credit: Canva

You can use cucumber slices to eliminate your racoon eye appearance. It has skin lightening properties and works to make your skin blemish free. Just keep some cucumber slices below your eyes for around 10 minutes. Then wash your face. Regular usage of cucumber slices will help you reduce your dark circles to a significant extent.

5.   Brighten Your Skin with Cold Milk

milk for removing dark circles

A glass of milk, Credit: Canva

Women who have a function to attend often ask, how can I get rid of dark circles in two days? They can do so with putting cold milk which contains plenty of vitamin A under their eyes. You just need to soak some cotton in cold milk and keep it under your eyes for around 10 minutes. Then, you can rinse your face with warm water. In no time, you will find dark circles disappearing from underneath your eyes.

6.   Harness the Power of Vitamin C

how to remove dark circles

a bunch of oranges, Credit: Canva

Do you often find yourself wondering, how can I remove dark circles permanently? You can do so with orange juice. Take some orange juice and mix it with some glycerin. Take a cotton, soak it in this mixture and apply it under your eyes. The combined effect of vitamin A and vitamin C will help you achieve a dark circle free skin.

7.   Moisturise with Oils

remove dark circles with oils

A bottle of oil, Credit: Canva

Oils like vitamin E and coconut oil will not only help you get rid of dark circles, they will also prevent signs of premature aging like wrinkles and fine lines. You only need to take a few drops of any of these oils and massage it in your under eye area. Over time, you will find a significant difference in the condition of that part of your skin. Thus, your answer to how to remove dark circles permanently is oils and lots of it.

8.   Apply Some Turmeric

How can I get rid of dark circles in 2 days

A bowl of turmeric, Credit: Canva

An age old anti-inflammatory herb, turmeric is proven to help you fight all your skin woes. Here is how to remove dark circles with turmeric. Take some of its powder and mix it properly with pineapple juice. Apply it on your dark circles and wash it off after ten minutes. You can do this daily.

9.   Eat Your Way to Pretty Skin

under eye circle remedy

Dark chocolate, Credit: Canva

What should be eaten to remove dark circles? Can food help you prevent this problem? Yes, it can and surprisingly it’s dark chocolate that helps you do so. It contains flavonoid which slows the premature aging process of the skin. Dark circles arise due to aging. Eat this chocolate in moderate amounts daily and attain a youthful and glowing skin.

10.  Drink Water

dark circle treatment

A bottle of water, Credit: Canva

Sometimes, the answer to the question, how to remove dark circles can be found in a glass of water. Water helps in eliminating toxins from your body. When your body is free of all the toxins, it will naturally show on your skin. Moreover, by drinking more water, you can also get rid of puffy eyes. Start drinking more water and the results speak for themselves.

11.  Avoid Alcohol

dark circle remedies

A glass of alcohol, Credit: Canva

If you are an avid alcohol drinker, then the answer for the question, how to remove dark circles for you is to avoid consuming it. Alcohol completely dehydrates your body and dehydration causes your eyes to become puffy. Over time, you will find dark circles appearing under your eyes. Hence, stop relying on alcohol so much.

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