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How To Use Pregnancy Test Kit Properly?

Missed your periods? Not sure whether you are pregnant? Go for a pregnancy test at home! There was once a time when women used to rush to the hospital to confirm their pregnancy. But with the advent of medical aids, it has now become easier to check your pregnancy at the convenience of your home.

Not knowing how to take the test at home you may give you the wrong result. So, here is a complete guide on how to use a pregnancy test kit properly at home?

How does Pregnancy Test Kits Work?

During pregnancy, a woman’s body secretes a special hormone called the Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) hormone. The hormone can be found in the blood and urine. The urine-based pregnancy test kits works by detecting HCG hormone and helps a woman confirm their pregnancy.

The urine-based pregnancy tests are amongst the most reliable, easy to use and safe test for checking pregnancy at home.

How To Use Pregnancy Test Kits Properly?

Pregnancy test kit positive

Pregnancy test kit, Credits: pixabay

Here are some tips on pregnancy kit usage, you should keep these tips in your mind: 

  1. Many companies recommend taking a pregnancy test first thing in the morning. This is because first-morning urine typically contains the highest concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin(hCG), the pregnancy hormone.

  2. You can buy a pregnancy test kit online or from a store.

  3. Pregnancy test kits are usually stored in the refrigerator. Before using it make sure you use the test after bringing it down to room temperature.

  4. If you are using a container to collect your urine. Ensure that it is clean and not contaminated with detergent.

  5. Try collecting the middle stream urine.

  6. The test kit contains a dropper along with the pregnancy test strip. Take out a little urine from the container with the help of a dropper and put just two drops of it in the circular test well. Try not spilling the urine on the test strip.

  7. Wait for around three to five minutes.

Interpretation of Results after Pregnancy Test Kit Usage?

Pregnancy test kit positive

Happy couple, pregnancy positive, Credits: Pixabay

  1. The Pregnancy test kit contains C and T band, in which C indicates control and T indicates the test sample.

  2. The test is considered positive if you are pregnant. This can be interpreted if two pink/purple lines appear, one in the region marked ‘C’, and the other in the region marked ‘T’.

  3. If only one single line appears in the marked ‘C’ region and no line in the region of marked ‘T’, it means that the pregnancy test is negative.

  4. The test is considered invalid if no bands appear. Repeat the test with a new kit after 72 hours.

  5. If the line in the ‘T’ region appears to be faint, it means that the HCG levels are quite low. In such a case, you can repeat the test with a new pack after 72 hours.

Pregnancy test kit usage is a very simple and effective method to learn whether you are pregnant or not. The pregnancy test kit price is very reasonable and it can save a lot of consultation charges. However, after being confirmed that you are pregnant you can visit your gynaecologist.

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