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Is Cycling the Answer to Your Knee Troubles?

Cycling causes ailments like knee pain

There is a lot of misconception that cycling causes ailments like knee pain, arthritis, numbness, back pain, and other joint problems. But the fact is that cycling is a low-impact form of exercise that serves multiple benefits to your cardiovascular health, lungs, general lifestyle and most importantly, it has multiple benefits to your knees.

Cycling ensures continuous movement and lubrication of the knees and the strengthening of muscles that support the joints. In addition to that, cycling could also be a good knee exercise even for people with bad balance. In this case, indoor cycles are a great option and prove to be nearly as effective with the same amount of resistance.

Road cycling

Cycling, Credit: Pixabay

When is Cycling Bad?

One of the main reasons for the misconception that cycling is bad for your knees is because there are a handful of cyclists who have problems related to the knees.

It is important to understand that while exercise is good for your physical health, excess of anything is bad.

This is why overdoing it or spending too much time cycling, without giving your body rest, could damage your joints or muscles.

It is also important to realize that cycling will not prove to be beneficial to a person who is injured and is undergoing the healing process. In this case, it will only do more damage.

In addition to that, there are other factors that could affect your knees while cycling. They include:

  1. Cycling habits: The amount of time spent cycling or the regularity of a person’s routine could greatly affect a person’s knees and risk of pain and injury.

  2. Using the wrong type of cycle: Using a cycle that’s too big or too small for you or even using the wrong gear could damage your knees due to excessive strain on your legs or incorrect resistance level.

  3. Genetic factors: Knees problems like osteoporosis, arthritis, etc could be genetic.

How to Ensure Proper Cycling Technique

They include:

●    Purchasing the right cycle

Mountain bike

Using the correct gear, Credit: Pixnio

Ensure that the size is suitable for your body type and height. Moreover, the seat should be adjusted to a proper height and the correct angle. The distance of the pedals from the frame of the cycle must also be adjusted.

●    Strength and stamina

Before you start cycling, you must ensure that your leg and low body strength should be strong and firm enough for repetitive cycling and pedaling.

Thus strength training before cycling can help prevent several forms of knee pain.

●    Warm-ups

Warm-ups are a way to get your body ready for exercise.

This is because your body needs time to adjust the body temperature and blood flow in accordance with the activity to successfully perform or carry out that movement.

Thus, once your body has all warmed up, there will be less stress on your joints and muscles.

One must also start out slowly and then obtain their regular or normal pace.

Mountain terrain bike

Correct posture, Credit: Pxfuel

●    Proper posture

It is very important to position your body correctly and ensure that it is not tensed up. Thus, one must relax and be stress-free while cycling. As a result, this natural position will increase efficiency and reduce any chances of injury.

One will also find themselves spending less energy.

Bottom line

With the right equipment, fitness, strength, and technique, cycling is a very good form of exercise to improve the quality, strength, and health of your knees, making them stronger and less prone to problems.

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