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Is Sugar Free Really Sugar Free? Its Benefits, Reviews And Side Effects

Among all the food items on our planet, sugar is perhaps one of the most unhealthiest one. The foremost advice of a dietician or a fitness expert pertains to staying away from this unhealthy item. It is because sugar contains no nutrients and provides nothing but empty calories. These calories get stored in your system as fat and overtime you find yourself a victim of a host of ailments. Obesity, heart diseases, joint issues, and other inflammatory conditions like diabetes are a direct result of consuming excess sugar and not enough physical activity in the lives of many people.

However, despite its disadvantages, no one can deny the pleasure that comes from eating high sugar foods like chocolates, ice cream, chips, among others. But for staying healthy in the long run you need to avoid sugar as much as possible. Giving up on it is hard. But that’s exactly where artificial sweeteners like sugar free take the centerstage. Nowadays, there are a range of items that can come in their sugar free versions like sugar free biscuits, sugar free chyawanprash, etc. but are they really healthy? Is it possible to make these things without using an ounce of sugar? Let us find out.

Is Sugar Free Really Sugar Free?

sugar free uses

cubes of sugar free, Credit: Canva

After seeing so many tasty sugar free food items, you might wonder if sugar free food items are indeed healthy? Well, here is the answer you’ve been searching for. According to the Food and Drug Association a food will fall into the category of ‘sugar free’ when it contains an amount of sugar which is below 0.5 grams per serving. However, when inspecting the ingredient list on the back part of any food item you should fully pay attention to the number of servings that the package contains. It is because there is a high probability that a tiny quantity of sugar in it, even if it says that it is sugar free.

Sugar free contains both added as well as naturally occurring sugar. However, it does not have sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. These two ingredients are widely used in many food items to boost the flavour of the food item that does not contain sugar. It can be found in the ingredient list of those food items which say that they are sugar free.

What Are the Benefits of Sugar Free Supplements?

sugar free benefits

sugar free cake, Credit: Canva

There are many benefits of sugar free supplements. The first and foremost benefit is their extremely low caloric profile. As opposed to sugar, a spoon of which contains approximately 16 calories, these sweeteners have only 2 calories per serving. Isn’t it a great alternative to sugar? The best part is that you get to enjoy all your favourite food items like pancakes, tea, coffee, biscuits without a compromised flavour. Here are the three major benefits that these supplements provide.

  1. Sugar free sweeteners like splenda have no impact on your blood sugar levels. It is because the sweetener does not contain any carbohydrates. Hence, it cannot be broken into glucose. It is great for diabetics and those struggling with irregular blood sugar levels.

  2. As these sweeteners contain negligible amounts of calories you can use them and eat more quantities than before. It is a good news for those trying to lose weight. They can lose weight by eating food items made with sugar free.

  3. Sugar causes various tooth problems. Regular consumption of sugary products makes your tooth decay as bacteria begins to feed on them. However, artificial sweeteners cannot be broken by the bacteria. Thus, you will never suffer from tooth and gum issues.

Which Is the Best Sugar Free?

sugar free brand

sugar rich food items, Credit: Canva

  1. Sugar Free Green Stevia Powder is an effective substitute for sugar that is made from stevia shrub leaves. It is available in powdered form. Hence, you can effectively use it while cooking or baking any kind of dessert. If you are trying to control your weight, including this in your diet in various food items will help you to achieve your weight loss targets.

  2. Stevia Sugar Free Powder Zero Calorie Natural Sweetener is another sweetener that you can use to impart sweetness to all your favourite food items. The best thing about this sugar free powder is that it is free of chemicals like Aspartame and sucralose. You can easily mix it with various drinks as well as food products.

  3. Sugar Free Natura Pellets is the most popular brand in the Indian market. This artificial sweetener is way sweeter than the table sugar without any calories in it. It will instantly impart a very sweet flavour to all your food items. As it is heat stable, you can utilize it for all kinds of cooking. Weight watchers can also benefit a lot from this product.

  4. So Sweet Stevia Tablets are designed primarily for diabetics. It contributes to the insulin production in the body which helps in decreasing blood sugar levels. A single tablet provides sweetness that is at par with a teaspoon of sugar.

Are There Any Side Effects of Consuming Sugar Free Supplements?

side effects

Person experiencing headache, Credit: Canva

Sugar free supplements are safe for consumption by the general population. You will not develop any health complications by consuming them frequently. However, sometimes, people can experience certain symptoms and they need to discontinue its usage. You might also want to avoid artificial sweeteners if you experience the following symptoms.

  1. Cramps in the stomach

  2. Unwanted cravings for high sugar food items

  3. Headaches

  4. Rapid heart rate

  5. Mood swings and a general feeling of depression

  6. Inability to sleep properly at night

By now you must have realized how sugar free supplements present themselves as an optimal alternative to table sugar. If you are addicted to sugar, try making your food using them and you will not feel any difference in your taste.

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