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Laser Hair Removal Cost At Top 5 Centres In India, Benefits And Side Effects

Although the presence of hair on our  body is essential for protecting us against environmental conditions, yet all of us want to do away with it. Women and men through the centuries have tried innumerable methods to get rid of the hair on their bodies. Waxing, shaving, and plucking are some of the most common ways that are implemented by people everywhere to eliminate unwanted hair.

Most of the hair removal methods are painful and require constant maintenance. Once you stop their usage, the hair that you spent so much time and money in getting rid of, starts growing again. In such a scenario, laser hair removal technology comes as a welcome surprise. You can view it as something very near to permanent hair removal for yourself. Laser hair removal technique, unlike other methods, is not only limited to helping you get rid of unwanted hair on your legs or hands.

You can remove hair from many other areas from your body, which the traditional methods of hair removal will not allow you to do. Many people harbour doubts about laser hair removal technology as it is one of the newest cosmetic procedures that has been introduced in India. If you find yourself one of those, do not worry. After reading the article you will know answers of questions like is it worth getting laser hair removal? Or not?

Which Body Parts Does Laser Hair Removal Cover?

Laser hair removal

Woman undergoing treatment, Credit: Canva

As mentioned before, laser hair removal technique helps you target the hair of any body part. However, the procedure differs in different areas of your body. You can avail it for facial hair removal, which includes chin and upper lip hair removal. But, in areas like your back, the removal procedure may take some time. Keep in mind that as the laser targets the melanin pigment, laser hair removal technique is best for dark hair and fair complexion. People who have light hair and dark complexion need to undergo several sessions of laser hair removal.

You can remove excess hair from the following regions using this technique.

  1. Stomach

  2. Knuckles

  3. Feet

  4. Back

  5. Chest of men and breasts of women

  6. Buttocks

  7. Private area

  8. Legs

  9. Face

  10. Underarms

Laser Hair Removal in India

Laser hair removal India

Woman undergoing laser treatment, Credit: Canva

To eliminate your unwanted bodily hair, you can avail the laser hair removal treatment from a variety of skin clinics. But to know how much it will cost, you need to visit a skin clinic as the cost in different clinics vary considerably. The cost will also depend on the kind of treatment, your hair texture, which body part you are taking the treatment for and the doctor that will be treating you. These factors influence the cost of this hair removal treatment for you.

You might wonder, how permanent is laser hair removal? The treatment targets hair that is actively growing. You will not find a noticeable hair growth for around two years after you undergo the treatment. But you need to keep up with the regular appointments to see the changes. So, the exact answer to how long does laser hair removal last is around 2 to 2.5 years.

The duration of a session is not long. At most, it will take you only about thirty to forty minutes. Let us find out the laser hair removal cost in india in five of its major centres across the country.

1.    VLCC Wellness

Unwanted hair removal

Woman undergoing treatment, Credit: Canva

The laser hair removal cost at this clinic varies from Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 50,000. This cost is for six sessions that you will have to undergo over a period of some months. The centre also provides hair removal procedures for other body parts like bikini areas, face, underarms, and chest. The services are much liked by customers and the centre has received 3.5 to 4 star rating from its customers who have availed this treatment.

2.   Kaya Skin Clinic

kaya skin clinic

Woman undergoing treatment, Credit: Canva

Laser hair removal price at this renowned skin clinic is Rs. 2,449 for every session. The clinic follows an advanced technology that is fully approved by US-FDA. People of every skin type can avail this treatment. Apart from hair reduction, they also offer other services like Pigmentation Arrest and Age Arrest System. They are designed to help you prevent the early signs of aging. You can also receive skin lightening and detan services and other skin brightening services like insta clarity skin brilliance. The regular customers of Kaya Skin Clinic give it a four star rating.

3.   Cosmotree Skin and Hair Clinic

skin treatment

Woman undergoing treatment, Credit: Canva

It is a very famous laser hair treatment clinic in Delhi with its branches spread over its various parts. The cost of laser hair removal treatment here is in the range of Rs. 18000 to Rs. 22000. Note that this cost is for multiple sessions and not a single one. Apart from hair removal, they also offer other services like skin whitening, pigmentation removal, skin tightening, and dark circle removal. People are happy with its services and have regularly given it a four star rating.

4.   Dermaville Hair, Skin, and Laser Clinic

Laser hair removal india

Woman undergoing treatment, Credit: Canva

You can avail laser hair removal treatment services at this renowned clinic for Rs. 1500. This is for a single session. They also offer laser scar removal treatment for Rs. 2500. If you are concerned about the presence of scars on your skin, you can undergo this treatment as it is a safe procedure. Other skin treatments that this clinic offers are anti-aging treatment and scar removal treatments which use technologies like microneedling, radio frequency, PRP therapies, chemical peels, Silicon Sheet Therapy, among others. Customers have regularly given it a 3.5 to four star rating to this clinic.

5.   Oliva Skin and Hair Clinic

Hair removal procedure

Woman undergoing treatment, Credit: Canva

Oliva Skin and Hair clinic is very popular for its laser hair removal treatment. Individuals wanting to remove unwanted hair can get it done by undergoing various sessions of hair removal treatment. For every session you will be charged Rs. 1600. After undergoing multiple sessions, your treatment will come to an end. By this time, you may have spent upto Rs. 30000 on it. The clinic also offers other services like skin lightening, pigmentation, and dull skin treatment, acne, scar, and pimple treatment, as well as anti-aging treatment. It has received a four star rating by its customers.

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