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Long term effects of current pollution levels on your health

Pollution from any source be it air, water or the environment is very harmful and has serious negative impact on health and our body.

Air pollution can be very deleterious to our body and health specially lungs, heart. Some major causes of air pollution include fumes coming out of vehicles, burning gases or coal emits harmful smoke, burning of tobacco etc.

Places which are densely populated like metro towns are impacted the most as people flock them from everywhere. Delhi/NCR is notorious worldwide for being surrounded by a heavy thick blanket of pollution. When October comes, Delhi becomes worst and air quality deteriorates. But it’s the residents of busy cities whos health is compromised the most. The air quality index drops to severe category in metro cities in India.

What is Air Pollution?

air pollution health effects

air pollution in city

Air pollution can be caused by air that is present outdoor and indoor.

Pollution present outdoor is caused by fumes emission from vehicles, harmful or toxic gases like sulfur oxide, burning of coal etc.

Indoor air pollution consists of household chemicals, harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide or radon, building materials, such as lead or asbestos, pollen etc.

As per WHO or world health organization the major pollutants are:

  1. particulate matter consisting of suspended solids and liquid droplets

  2. nitrogen and sulfur dioxide

  3. ozone

What makes Delhi’s air so polluted?

delhi pollution level

air pollution in city

Delhi/NCR is highly polluted due to the following causes;

  1. more number of people in the city

  2. North-western winds after the withdrawal of monsoon.

  3. Harmful emission from cars

  4. Inert pollutants from Construction and Demolition activities

  5. Drift/Mist emissions from wet cooling towers

  6. Cracker burning

  7. Rice crop burning is a major issue

  8. Waste incineration

Lon-term health consequences of air pollution

delhi pollution

women in mask

Studies have proven that air pollution causes lung diseases like asthma, COPD etc

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

COPD is a lung disease which causes difficulty in breathing. Such diseases impact the lungs and make it difficult to breathe.

Lung cancer

Pollutants in the air can enter our lung passages and damage it.

Cardiovascular disease

Studies show that even our hearts can be affected from air pollution and can lead to serious heart issues.

Preterm delivery

As per research, women who ae pregnant can have a pretrem delivery because of air pollution.

Life span is reduced

  1. Tiredness, anxiety

  2. Eyes, ears are irritated

  3. Damage to essential organs

  4. Damage to nervous system

People who are most susceptible to be impacted by air pollution

impact of air pollution on health

Person with face mask

  1. Patients with heart ailments

  2. Patients with lung diseases like COPD, asthma

  3. Women who are pregnant

  4. People who work outdoors

  5. People above fifty years or old people

  6. Small children below fourteen years

  7. Athletes who remain outdoors for long

Such people are more prone to harmful effects of pollution.

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