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Moms Tell Us About Their Babies Kicking For The First Time

Although mother’s can feel a spiritual connection with their baby. The first physical connection is first felt when the baby first kicks the mother’s womb that starts around the 16th week of pregnancy and is called ” quickening”.

Pregnancy is a beautiful process of creating a new life. It has a big psychological impact on a woman. The rollercoaster of pain and joy and highs and lows that goes on for 9 months really prepares a woman for motherhood.

Motherhood is all about taking responsibility and being accountable in order to raise your child to the best of your ability.

Maternal bond has been historically proven to be important for the survival of both animals and human beings, not just physically, but emotionally too.

When 10 mothers were asked about how if felt when their unborn baby kicked for the first time this is what they had to say :

From these statements, it is very clear that each Mommy had her own unique experience and stories to share. The words used to describe the first kick varied from being ” strange” and “nervous twitches” to “miracle” and “inexpressible”

One point that really comes across strongly is that most mothers were unaware of the feeling of a baby’s kick. They were more comfortable and calm during their second pregnancy, once they had the confidence and felt more experienced and could enjoy the moment better without having to feel cautious.

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