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Most Common Addictions In India

Misuse of various narcotics and psychoactive substances is on the rise in India. Many families, communities and law enforcement agents suffer from the consequences of drug addiction in India.

Some of the most common types of addiction in India are mentioned below:

1.  Alcohol


Alcohol, Credits: pixabay

According to the survey conducted by the Indian government, it is reported that an average Indian consumes about 4.3 litres of alcohol per annum, where the data recorded is even higher in the rural areas with around 11.3 litres of alcohol consumption as an average.

The data also suggested that around 3 – 4 million deaths occur every year due to alcohol consumption which accounts for 5.9% of the global deaths. Liver cirrhosis is the most common cause of death due to alcohol consumption in India.

2. Tobacco chewing in India


Tobacco, Credits: pixabay

India is considered to be the second-largest country with tobacco consumers. This is quite an alarming incidence of tobacco addiction in India. Around 300 million people use tobacco products like cigarettes, khaini, gutka or beedies.

A survey conducted by the Indian government reveals that one in every 10 adults smokes tobacco with the number being high in rural areas when compared to urban areas. According to the ICMR study report, tobacco-related cancer like mouth cancer and lung cancer accounts for around 30 percent of all cancer.

3. Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis weed

Cannabis, Credits: pixabay

Cannabis a.k.a. Ganja, charas or bhang is an incredibly popular and widely used drug in India.  Despite its widespread use in Hindu mythology, cannabis is illegal to use and possess in any form. According to a survey conducted in 2018, around 38 tonnes of cannabis was alone consumed by New Delhi- the capital city of India.

It has also reported that more than 10 million people in India are consumers of cannabis among which most of them are working poor. Cannabis addiction can cause major health problems including respiratory disorders, memory impairment, mental disturbance, digestive tract problems, major weight loss and problems with sleep.

4. Brown Sugar Heroin in India

Brown sugar, Heroin

Brown sugar/Heroin, Credits: pixabay

The United Nations has declared India to be the biggest consumer of Heroin in South Asia.

According to Times Of India, India alone consumes 17 tonnes of heroin out of 42 tonnes produced in South Asia. Due to its easy availability, and cheaper price, heroin has become a popular drug in India. Accurate heroin addiction rates in India are unknown and it’s estimated that there are over 5 million people who are addicted to heroin.

Heroin is easy to find but difficult to overcome and can pose a great threat to overall health and well-being. Injecting drug users often suffer from infections like cellulitis or other respiratory infections and mental issues.

5. Methamphetamine


Mephatamine, Credits: pixabay

Methamphetamine is an emerging drug addiction in India. Due to its ready availability and low-cost, many teens are bound to get addicted to methamphetamine.Also, India is found to be a key producer of methamphetamine precursor chemicals which include ephedrine and other related compounds.

Over usage of Methamphetamine can cause dry skin, itchiness, significant weight loss, anaemia, and in some cases, skin picking. Stress, poverty and hunger are the three main causes of drug addiction in India.

The addictive properties of various addictive compounds have been well-documented and researched, but access to rehabilitation services and medical treatments are still not available for people in India.

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