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Pimple Popping The Right Way: 7 Mistakes To Avoid

A pimple or zit is something we all have had since our childhood. It can occur due blockage of pores. A pimple occurs when dirt blocks our pores. Bacteria thrive there and result in a small pimple. It can happen suddenly one day after we wake up. It is difficult to get rid of it immediately. All of us have been tempted to pop it sometime or other. But if you pop it early on or before it is ready then it might leave a permanent mark on your face.

7 mistakes you should avoid while popping that pimple

mistakes for pimple popping

women doing pimple popping

Proper preparation is not done before you pop it

use natural products that are alcohol free. You can use natural cleansers like milk, honey or a facial oil. If you have a sensitive skin then you should remain all the more careful. They are much better then the cleansers which are loaded with harmful chemicals like paraben etc. natural cleansers are much gentler on your skin and are effective in cleaning as well.

A rage that has taken over the social media and internet is activated charcoal skincare. Everyone is raving about how good it is. It cleanses out all the impurities and dirt. This comes in the form of a soap, face wash, mask etc. This can help prevent your pimples.

You are touching with your unclean fingers

we use our fingers for many tasks throughout the day. They often get layered with a lot of germs and bacteria. So if you you touch the pimple with your fingers then the germs get transferred on it.

A pimple removal kit is available in the market which you must clean before using. They are less likely to transfer germs to the pimple rather than our fingers. Always sanitize whatever products or tools you use on your face.

You are excessively washing or scrubbing it

If you scrub often or wash your face with a harsh face wash then it might rip of the natural oils from your face. But this can further irritate the kin and prevent the pimple from dying out.  Always use products that are gentle on the skin.

Pimples are squeezed

if you are tempted to pop a pimple every time one erupts then it might not heal properly and leave pimple marks or depression. Popping it can cause redness that lasts long and looks all the more prominent than the pimple itself.

Proper cleaning is not done

Proper cleansing eliminates the bacteria and germs. If germs remain then the area might not heal completely and can cause scarring. Use a good cleanser that is effective in removing dirt and organisms from the skin.

Natural products or cleansers like vitamin e, facial oil, aloe-vera should be used. You may even use witch hazel which is very popular these days.

Benzoyl peroxide is used often

Benzoyl peroxide is effective against bacteria but when used in low concentration. If used often in high concentration then it dry’s out and irritates the skin. Three percent of it is as good as a higher percentage.

You abruptly stop the treatment for your acne

Treating a pimple is something that cannot be done overnight.  It needs at least a month’s time to show signs of improvement. You should compete your treatment and not stop it randomly.

The right way to pop that pimple

right way to pop that pimple

women showing pimple, Credits: pixabay

  1. you should know when to pop the pimple- if you pop your pimple too early then it might leave a permanent mark. If you don’t want this to occur then know the precise time when to do it. if the area is red or painful then do not touch it.

  2. steam shower will help- steam helps to open up the skin and pores and will help you clean your pimple.

  3. Clean the area with a tissue paper and avoid using your fingers instead

  4. every thing inside the pimple has to come out

  5. use a good toner around that area-all the remnants and even the smallest amount of sebum should be cleaned out.

Toner helps to clean and disinfect the area. But do jot use alcohol for this as it could dehydrate or even burn that area.

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