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Risks And Harmful Side Effects Of Ipill And When We Should Take Ipill

No women would like to have an unwanted pregnancy. However, in the event of unprotected sexual intercourse due to whatever reason, the possibility of becoming pregnant increases. To avoid this situation, people have relied on emergency contraception for a long time now. It seemed to be the one route of action that provide people a chance to wade away the consequences of having unprotected sex. Contraceptive pills like Ipill are fairly safe drugs that can be consumed by any woman or girl if they do not have any underlying medical illness.

However, a little-known fact is that there are a number of side effects of ipill. They are experienced by women all over on a short term and long term basis when they are administering the pill to themselves. In fact, these pills are said to impact the health of the women adversely and hence, it is important to take all the requisite measures before indulging in sexual activity. Keep reading to know about i pill side effects, their duration, and the effect of this pill on your future pregnancy.

When Should WeTake Ipill?

emergency contraceptive pill, Ipill time

woman with a pill, Credit: Canva

The best time to consume an emergency contraceptive pill is within seventy two hours or three days after you have indulged in unprotected sexual intercourse. Although you can hear that you can take this pill even five days afterwards but there is no conclusive evidence about it. It is better to take the pill sooner rather than later.

If you do not know what exactly do we mean by unprotected sex, it is any kind of sexual activity in which

  1. There is an absence of the usage of birth control.

  2. There is an occurence of birth control having failed. For example, breaking or slipping of the condom, tearing of the cervical cap, forgetting to administer the birth control pills, or administering it late.

  3. If you have been sexually assaulted or abused, then also you need to use a reliable emergency birth control method.

Emergency contraception is also called morning after pill. It gives effective results till about three days of your intercourse. The name might suggest that you need to administer the emergency contraception the morning after you have had unprotected sex. However, it is not the case.

How Does Ipill Work?

Ipill effect

woman with a pill and water, Credit: Canva

Before understanding about the side effects of ipill, it is important for you to understand the functioning of this oral contraception. The process of pregnancy commences when your ovary releases an egg and it is fertilized by the male sperm. The egg that is fertilized implants itself to the innermost part of your womb, which is also called uterus. It is here that your baby develops. The release of this egg is influenced by various hormones that are present in a woman’s body. It is called ovulation.

The Ipill contains the synthetic form of a hormone known as levonorgestrel in concentrated form. As this hormone is present in high levels, it prevents the egg from being released from the ovary. But it only happens if you administer this pill early. This hormone creates an environment inside the woman’s uterus or womb that is not conducive for the embryo to implant itself. If you consume the pill in three days of having an unsafe sex, then it is highly probable that the pill will prove effective in preventing you from becoming pregnant.

To sum up, the levonorgestrel hormone works to delay your ovulation or interrupt the fertilization process of the egg from the ovary. It is why you find yourself not becoming pregnant after taking this pill. Now, let us move on to know some side effects of ipill.

What Are the Side Effects of Ipill?

emergency contraceptive pill side effects

woman feeling nauseous, Credit: Canva

There are both short and long term side effects of ipill. Many women experience the following side effects commonly after consuming this pill.

  1. Pain in the region of abdomen

  2. A constant feeling of exhaustion

  3. Headache

  4. Nausea and vomiting

  5. Tenderness in the region of the breast

  6. Dizziness

Among the side effects mentioned above, nausea, headaches, and vomiting are the most common one that adolescent girls often suffer from. It happens when the pill is being absorbed in their body. They will experience their periods within a span of 21 days after consuming this pill. These side effects can be uncomfortable for many women and they might question, how long do side effects of ipill last? They last for about two to three days, after which they fade away.

Is Ipill Harmful for Future Pregnancy?

emergency contraceptive pill pregnancy

woman in bathroom, Credit: Canva

People think that birth control pills like the pill can cause birth defects if a woman takes it on a long term basis. Hence, many women desperately seek answers to the query, is there any side effect of ipill in future? There are no adverse effects of these pills on your pregnancy in future. Your baby will not be prone to any birth defect risks. You do not need to terminate the pregnancy if you have relied on an emergency contraception.

There is no negative impact on a woman’s fertility after she consumes more than one pill. However, this pill is not as effective in eliminating unwanted pregnancies as other methods like traditional birth control. You should not make this pill a very regular part of your life because there are conflicting opinions of the medical community regarding how safe it is.

In the long term, this pill may disrupt your regular menstrual cycle and you can experience the effects of hormonal imbalances in your body like weight fluctuations and mood swings. Also, it does make you immune to any sexually transmitted infections that you may contract during the intercourse. If you have experience vomiting in as little as three hours after consuming the pill, then you should reach out to your doctor. It is a sure indicator that the pill has not been fully absorbed and assimilated into your body. Do not make it a habit to indulge in unprotected sex. If you find yourself experiencing much severity in your symptoms, you should take your doctor’s help.

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